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ASX Investor Update - March 2013
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Feature story Lincoln: Six star small stocks
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Investing in smaller companies is often perceived as risky, because they can have a lower market capitalisation, higher volatility and less liquidity. However, exposure to up-and-coming businesses can help achieve long-term outperformance, if you know what to look for, and understand the risks.
ELIO D'AMATO reports.
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In this issue
• A new era for bonds • How to get started in bonds • Good debt, bad debt
• Choosing junior mining stocks • Smart asset allocation • Small-cap tips
Market views
ASX news
Photo of Mike Saba
Interest rate securities
A new era for bonds
Mike Saba, Evans & Partners

How Exchange-traded Australian Government Bonds will work.
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Photo of Tony Hunter
ASX education
How to get started in bonds
Tony Hunter, ASX

Why share investors should learn more about interest rate securities.
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Photo of Julie McKay
Margin loans
Good debt, bad debt
Julie McKay, Leveraged Equities

As confidence in the market improves, and interest rates remain low, it may be time to revisit gearing.
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Photo of Allan Trench
10 questions when picking junior miners
Allan Trench, author

What, where, scale and quality - and of course risk, are the keys to spotting promising stocks.
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From the editor
This month's Investor Update
Tony Featherstone

Understand the features, benefits and risks of investing in small-cap stocks.
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Online education
Information for sharemarket beginners
From ASX

Learn about the basics of share investing through the free ASX Shares course.
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ASX interim result
From ASX

ASX's performance for the half-year to December 31, 2012.
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