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ASX Clear (Futures) Client Clearing Service


ASX now offers a client account structure that will enable a Clearing Participant to offer their Clients an account that provides separate identification and protection of both individual Client OTC and ASX 24 ETD positions and associated initial margin value, in addition to the current net omnibus client account.

Further details on the service offering, including the specific account types that will be available, can be found in the Futures Client Clearing FAQs document.

If you would like to test the changes that will be introduced upon taking up the ASX Clear (Futures) Client Clearing Service please contact Ben Symonds (details below).

Documentation and Training Material

The following Documentation provides further details to Clearing Participants who wish to test their readiness to offer the ASX 24 ETD Client Clearing Service to their Clients.

ASX 24 ETDs Client Clearing Service – Clearing Participant Briefing Document
Client Static Data Forms - User Guide
External Reporting Specification Document 
SFTP User Guide
Static Data Portal External User Guide
Webinar - Static Data Portal External Training      
ASX Clear (Futures) Margin Control – User Guide

Forms for submission

CP Readiness Attestation form – ASX 24 Futures Client Clearing
CP Readiness Attetstation form – ASX OTC Client Clearing
Client Entity Form
Client Entity Nominated Person form
SFTP Administrator User Request form – Test
SFTP Administrator User Request form – Production
Static Data Portal Request form

ASX Client Clearing Documentation

Please refer to the ASX Clear (Futures) page for further details on the Client Clearing service offering, including Amendments to the Operating Rules, Consultation Papers, Client Clearing Fact sheets and Client Clearing FAQs.

Technical requirements

Please see the above ‘ASX 24 ETDs Client Clearing Service – Clearing Participant Briefing Document’ for full details on the technical and operational requirements for testing the ASX Client Clearing Service.

Contact Us

ASX ETD Client Clearing Email
ASX ETD Client Clearing Manager Ben Symonds
Tel:  +61 (0) 2 9227 0474
 General Manager, Derivatives and OTC Markets Rohan Delilkhan
Tel: +61 (0) 2 9227 0115