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Ensuring the success of investment products such as warrants or managed funds isn’t always easy. Gaining sufficient distribution for a product in a crowded marketplace can be difficult, and administering those products can also be a challenge.

Issuing or quoting products on ASX helps solve those problems. By issuing on ASX, you can take advantage of our extensive distribution network of customers, participants and vendors, and you can use ASX’s market-leading systems for administration, trading and settlement.

ASX’s issuing services enable fund managers and investment banks to quickly and effectively issue non-listed investment products to the wider market.

We help product manufacturers issue three broad categories of quoted products:

  • exchange-traded products (ETPs)
  • warrants
  • managed funds

These products are issued under different rule frameworks, depending on product type:

  • ETPs and products under the ASX Managed Fund Service (AMFS) are issued under the AQUA rules
  • Warrants are issued under the Warrant rules.

Products are either admitted to Trading Status on ASX or quoted on the Price Display Board.

These products differ from those funds issued under the Listing Rules (listed investment companies and A-REITs). For more information about these structures, see listing on ASX.

Key features

Reach more investors

Issuance on ASX gets your products in front of more people. You gain access to our network of registered brokers and financial planners, who can then distribute your product to their client base.

Also, issuance on ASX can allow institutional investors to access your products, even if they are limited by mandates, or regulatory or legal constraints.

Access to ASX systems

Having your products on ASX means you can focus on your core activities, not administration. Our trading and settlement systems administer investor activity, reducing the time spent on and the cost of back-office functions.

Better services for investors

Using ASX systems benefits your investors too. ASX trading systems enable them to move into and out of investments easily, and to readily obtain information about prices and liquidity. Settlement through our CHESS system also ensures transactions are settled within three business days, rather than up to 30 in an unquoted environment.

Sponsor international products

The AQUA Rules enable fund managers and investment banks to sponsor international products, enabling local issuers to easily bring overseas products to the Australian market. A local party may become a sponsor or distributor in Australia, or ‘white label’ products for distribution in the Australian market, provided they comply with the AQUA Rules.

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