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Corporate actions STP

Each year listed entities make more than 110,000 announcements to the market. The announcements include key information about the listed entities and their securities, corporate actions and events.  Corporate actions include events such as dividends, entitlement offers, reconstructions and capital returns.

ASX is proposing to make the announcement process faster and easier by introducing straight-through processing (STP).

ASX is the source for a large amount of information relating to listed entities and security data, including corporate actions information. Corporate actions information is highly sought after for assessing the activities and performance of a company, and is used to make investment decisions. It is vital that this data is timely, accurate and relevant.

The data is currently manually transcribed from unstructured company announcements, processed in ASX internal systems and disseminated in ASX Market Information reference products. The Corporate Information STP initiative aims to significantly improve the current process by allowing companies to input information directly.

This will improve the speed and accuracy of company announcements, as well as facilitating compliance with the Listing Rules. It will also help to develop new data sets compliant with international standards and provide new product formats and delivery mechanisms for corporate information.


Investors will receive company data more quickly, enabling more informed and timely investment decisions.

Listed entities will benefit from improved workflows and improved compliance with the listing rules through validation. They will also be able to integrate their systems with ASX systems.

Intermediaries will benefit from international standard data sets allowing easier implementation and standardisation of systems.

For an overview of the proposed process, please refer to the Corporate Action Listed Entity Data diagram.

Implementation material

Recent articles and publications


ASX talks about corporate action automation at SIBOS 2013 - summarised in the ISSA Newsletter October 2013

ASX joins a panel discussion hosted by Finextra to discuss the current state of corporate actions   - view the video here

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ASX is engaging in industry-wide consultation on this project, and all stakeholders will have the opportunity to comment on key deliverables developed by ASX.

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