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Austraclear provides a wide range of depository, registration, cash transfer and settlement services for debt instrument securities in financial markets in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

The Austraclear system has a large participant (member) base and is very widely used. It settles more than A$80 billion of transactions per day through a real-time link to the Reserve Bank of Australia‚Äôs Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system. It also holds over A$1.4 trillion worth of securities in total. Austraclear provides the following products and services:

Central Securities Depository (CSD)

The CSD provides a wide range of depository and settlement services for fixed income securities, as well as acting as custodian to more than 85 per cent of commercial paper issued in Australia.

It features full delivery versus payment functionality using BIS Model 1DvP (simultaneous cash and security transfer), as well as electronic or physical lodgement services.

Registry, issuing and paying services

A single integrated service enabling the registration, issuing, lodgement, trade settlement and coupon and redemption distribution of all Australian dollar denominated debt products.

Cash transfers

A service that allows the transfer of cash directly between Austraclear participants through the Reserve Bank of Australia's RTGS system.

Market services

Austraclear provides a number of other market services, including support for energy markets and electronic conveyancing.