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Market participants need fast, reliable connections to financial markets. The ASX Net fibre-optic network is the one-stop shop for connectivity.

Its point-to-point Ethernet connections enable fast access to a wide range of financial market and third-party products and services, without the cost and complexity of duplicating network infrastructure.

ASX Net is designed for the financial community and managed by ASX. It is a point-to-point fibre-optic network with high performance and availability.

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ASX Net enables participants to connect to a wide range of ASX products and services, including trading, clearing and settlement, as well as an expanding range of third-party services. Gain access to the services you need through just one primary line. Available data feeds include:

  • ASX Trade
  • ASX 24
  • Australian Liquidity Centre cabinets
  • ASX Clear
  • ASX Clear (Futures)
  • MarketSource, ReferencePoint and ComNews
  • ASX participant test environments
  • CHESS settlement
  • Voiceline voice company announcements
  • connections to the primary Chi-X data centre
  • third-party services


ASX Net is one of the fastest ways to connect to Australia’s financial markets. It delivers distributed network connection latency of approximately 200 microseconds in the Sydney CBD.

As trading volumes grow and latency expectations rise, ASX is constantly monitoring and evaluating the bandwidth capacity of ASX Net. This allows ASX to quickly respond to rising demands. 

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