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Australian Liquidity Centre

A Community Advantage

The ALC is engineered to facilitate collaboration and mutual benefit. When you’re part of this financial hub you can gain access to the specialist community within. With a range of community members such as buy and sell-side firms, market infrastructure and liquidity venues, information and technology vendors, and infrastructure and network service providers, you can take advantage of a completely unique offering.


    With over 100 customers already part of the ALC, and over 200 financial market specialists from across the world connected via ASX’s low latency network, the ALC provides the deepest connection to liquidity venues and the financial markets.

    And as the ALC is truly flexible, we can configure cabinet, racking and connectivity solutions to meet ever-changing business and technology needs.


    Both the ASX Trade and ASX Trade24 matching engines are located within the ALC. By colocating in the ALC, you can receive the fastest access possible to ASX market data and all ASX markets. You’ll gain competitive business agility whilst also reducing complexity in the process. The ALC is open to any and all financial markets firms and is competitively priced with services tailored to your specific needs.


    Every customer connected to ASX’s matching engines uses the same length cable. So no matter where your cabinet is located within the ALC, no one will have the competitive edge over you.

    And as the ALC is a carrier-neutral data centre, you can use the telecommunications carrier of your choice to connect to external sites including domestic and global liquidity sources. ALC customers also have the option of connecting to ASX Net and ASX Net Global, ASX’s own low latency networks.


    Security and the safety of your business is our priority. That’s why the ALC is a state-of-the-art Tier-3 designed data centre.

    The ALC is guarded by 24/7 onsite security with biometric access, cameras in all access points and along every row of the facility, and electronic locking solutions fitted to all cabinets.


Uninterrupted power supply with the DRUPS system (Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply) and all power systems monitored and tested on site and remotely.

Latest fire protection technology including VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus).

Round the clock support with engineers, technicians and customer care specialists available 24/7.

Bringing the Brightest Together

Contact Us Directly

To hear more about how you can become part of the leading financial community at the ALC, please contact us:

Local contacts

Adam Bradley
Head of Sales
T: +61 2 9227 0234

Andrew Biggart
Pre-Sales Technical Consultant
T: +61 2 9227 0025

Regional contacts

Andrew Musgrave
Business Development Manager, Asia
T: +61 2 9227 0211

Cynthia Tazioli
VP Business Development, North America
T: +1 312 803 5840

James Keeley
Business Development Manager, Europe
T: +44 207 256 4155