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ASX Trade24

The 24/6 derivatives trading platform

ASX Trade24 is ASX’s proprietary trading platform that supports products listed on the ASX 24 market.

With an average daily volume of 500,000 contracts in the first six months of calendar year 2013, ASX Trade24 showed an increase of 23.5% in the average daily volume of contracts on the corresponding period in 2012.  The number of 90 Day Bank Bill Futures and 10 Year Bond Futures contracts have increased 40% and 30% respectively in the first six months of calendar year 2013, compared to the corresponding period in 2012.

ASX Trade 24 operates on a 24/6 basis offering debt, equity index and commodity products and a full suite of trading order management functionalities. With its fully managed, low latency international network solution ASX Net Global, ASX can offer resilient access to ASX markets, data and co-location facility from the heart of international financial centres. Furthermore the ASX Australian Liquidity Centre provides its customers access to various financial services of other ASX Net participants.

Trading Day Cycle

From Monday to Saturday, ASX Trade24 permits 24 hour trading on Exchange’s contracts. The market is accessible at any time from major global financial centres through ASX Net Global. A typical Trading Day Cycle consists of two trading sessions (Night and Day) forming a single Trading Day. The Night Session always precedes the Day Session, e.g. the Night Session for Friday’s trading day starts Thursday afternoon.

For further information on the Trading Day Cycle please view the ASX Trade24 developer’s guide.

Message per Second

ASX Trade24 gateways are throttled to send 12 messages per second to the host. Any additional messages in excess of the throttle are processed and buffered at the gateway until the next second.