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ASX Trade24 - functionalities

Purge/Retain functionality

ASX Trade24 requires each order to be tagged as purge (P) or retain (R) via tag 18 of the new order message. The Order Purge functionality allows Participants to determine the behaviour of working orders during technical disruptions (e.g. gateway failure or a host outage) to trading access and GTC orders over the weekend system maintenance period.
ASX Trade24  Developer’s Guide – Market and Functionalities

Custom market

The custom market allows traders to enter strategy orders of up to six legs with any combination of futures and options contracts. The custom market facilitates the entry of complex options and futures strategies (i.e. straddles, strangles, call/put spreads, strips, butterflies etc).
ASX Trade24 Developer’s Guide – Market and Functionalities

Maximum price change

Maximum Price Change limits are part of the suite of non-trading functionalities that allows Participants to control trading activity. Maximum Price Change functionality validates each new order / order modification against the valid range based on the anchor price and the predetermined limit.

Shared order group functionality

The Shared Order Group (SOG) functionality allows designated users to access shared orders of the specific SOG ID. Users receive all shared order execution reports relevant to its designated SOG(s).
For more information on the SOG functionality please refer to ASX Trade24 Administrator’s Guide

Spread markets

Intra commodity spreads allow trading between listed months of a specific contract on a price differential basis.
Inter commodity spreads allow trading between separate instruments listed using spread differential pricing. To trade inter commodity spreads the dominate leg of the spread needs to be established to determine which leg you are buying or selling.