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ASX Trade24 - order types

  • Limit(LIM): LIM in ASX Trade24 is a single session order (expires after one session). During Open phase, bid prices cannot be entered above the best ask price and vice versa. Match. Backwardation is possible during the Pre-Open/Price Discovery phase where an open price is being determined.
  • Timed Order (TIM) – TIM is a LIM order which expires at a designated expiry time or by the Close of the contract.
  • Fill or Kill (FOK) – FOK is a LIM order with a life of twenty seconds. Partial fill of a FOK order is possible with any remaining quantity cancelled at expiry
  • Good Till Cancel (GTC) - GTC is a multi-session LIM order which expires with contract expiry.
  • Market Limit Order (MLM) – MLM is a single session order that allows order entry up to the allowed Market Depth of each contract (see Appendix 3.1). MLM is not valid during the Pre-opening phase and inter-spread contracts.
  • Memo Order Types behave like LIM orders and are used as identifiers only
    • Market (MKT)
    • Market if Touched (MIT)
    • Stop (STP)
    • Stop Limit (STM)
    • Discretionary (DSC)