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Systems overview

ASX provides its customers with two dedicated development environments:

  1. ASX Trade24 development system - for trading - order system development
  2. OM SECUR Development System - For Clearing - Clearing Application Development:

ASX Trade24 development system

The ASX Trade24 interface, best described as a dedicated trading gateway, facilitates direct connectivity to the trading platform ASX Trade24. The customer's order system (front-end trading platform) connects to the ASX Trade24 interface utilising ASX's implementation of the FIX protocol.

For ASX Trade24 testing, all customers are automatically assigned a machine onsite at ASX.

OM SECUR development system

The OM network gateway facilitates direct connectivity to the Clearing System - OM SECUR. Customers establishing a connection to this development and testing environment will be able to access remote gateways at their site.