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Tomorrow's leaders

Small-cap stocks have outperformed large-cap stocks over the long term and are a great way of improving a portfolio's returns and providing added diversification. GEOFF WILSON of Wilson Asset Management gives 10 tips to find outstanding small and mid-size companies.

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20% return achievable
MIKE HAWKINS, Evans & Partners

There's many pointers to better share returns this year.

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Asset allocation
Time to be contrarian

Learn how 'big picture' threats and opportunities will affect your returns in 2012.

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Hot commodities in 2012

These 10 trends will give you a headstart in resource-sector investing.

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Emerging Markets
China the key for our shares

What the charts say about sharemarkets in Brazil, Russia, India and China.

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How does exchange competition affect you?
From ASX

ASX's Richard Murphy on the implications of exchange competition in Australia.

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Interest Rate Securities
Greater interest in debt products
From ASX

ASX's Ken Chapman on the outlook for the interest rate securities market in 2012.

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Investor Hour: Sydney
Buying opportunity
From ASX

Roger Montgomery outlines his principles for stock selection.

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Help build a new ASX website
Have your say
From ASX

ASX is undertaking customer research and needs people who are investors and who are Sydney based to participate in one-on-one interviews, to be conducted, on our behalf, by a consulting firm.

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Mike Hawkins Investor Hour video image Jim Berg Investor Hour video image Alan Hull Investor Hour video image
Price vs value
Mike Hawkins, Evans & Partners
Investors that look through price risk volatility and focus on value will be rewarded.

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Bull or bear?
Jim Berg, author
When you should reinvest and how you should do it.

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Asset allocation
Alan Hull, author
This author explains some principles for asset allocation.

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  Sharemarket beginners
Image of clock with the words 'no time for mistakes' Image of street sign with the word 'opportunity' Figures overlaid with blue arrow pointing upward
Classic investment mistakes
Nathan Bell, Intelligent Investor
You've heard of 'madding crowds' and 'following sheep', so think for yourself.

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The risk of quitting the market
Scott Francis, Eureka
Reducing exposure to shares has the risk that a period of good returns will be missed.

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Inside an LIC
Frank Gooch, Milton
During volatility, share prices may not reflect true LIC value.

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Investor Hour

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Introduction to MINIs
Introduction to Macquarie MINIs
Advancing in Macquarie MINIs
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A guide to charting
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