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Man examining bear tracks
10 top share tips

Many long-held beliefs about share investing are seemingly not working and investors have had to endure one of the biggest rollercoaster rides the sharemarket has ever seen. But share investing can still be a source of significant wealth creation if you follow these rules, reports Wealth Within's DALE GILLHAM.

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Photo of Shane OliverPhoto of Ian HuntleyPhoto of Nerida ColePhoto of Robin Bowerman
Good-value shares
Shane Oliver, AMP

Why this leading economist believes Australian shares offer long-term value.

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Smart investing
Ian Huntley, Morningstar

See how this veteran investor allocates funds across the different types of companies.

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Asset allocation
Cash kings
Nerida Cole, Dixons

Holding cash and shares in a portfolio can boost returns and aid diversification.

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Exchange traded funds
Take control
Robin Bowerman, Vanguard

In the face of market uncertainty, focus on asset allocation, diversification and fees.

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Editor's letter
Good time to learn to prosper
Tony Featherstone

This ASX Investor Update has been designed to help readers deal with a volatile market.

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Share tips by the dozen
From ASX

12 ASX Investor Update stories you should read again.

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Investor relations
Hidden gems
From ASX

Learn about small and mid-cap companies in new ASX Corporate Profile video series.

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Data and alerts
New ASX iPhone App
From ASX

Free interactive tool puts the sharemarket in your pocket.

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  Latest Investor videos
Image from Roger Montgomery Investor Hour presentation Image from Dennis Eager Investor Hour presentation Image from Jeremy Hook Investor Hour presentation
When to sell
Roger Montgomery, Value.Able
Five key rules about when to sell stocks and take profits.

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Top infrastructure ideas
Dennis Eager, Magellan
Discover the advantages and pitfalls of infrastructure investing.

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Stocks to watch
Jeremy Hook, TMS Capital
Hear about this investor's key selections and market outlook.

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  Sharemarket education
Man scratching his head in relation to securities price charts Castle image with dollar sign cut out and the words portfolio on the flag pole School boy standing in front of LIC sign
Charts give warning signals
Greg Tolpigin,
Learn how to tell and get out early - when markets are set to tumble.

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Capital-protection strategies
Julie McKay, Bendigo Wealth
Three techniques to help investors preserve gains and minimise losses.

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Your guide to assessing LICs
Boyd Peters, Contango MicroCap
Here are nine common questions investors ask about Listed Investment Companies.

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Let's talk stocks
How to value small companies
Mel - Colin Nicholson
Stock selection strategies

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