Frequently Asked Questions are arranged by area of interest. If you still need a question answered, please visit the feedback form and submit your question to ASX.

About this site - Includes browser requirements, advertising and ASX policy on providing market information.

About shares - Includes buying and selling shares, finding information about companies, and ASX classes.

Markets - includes operation of the market, market phases and opening & closing prices.

CHESS - (Clearing House Electronic Subregister System) and how it works.

Options - Options and the Options Market.

Warrants - Warrants and the Warrants Market.

Futures - Futures and the Futures Market.

Listing - Listing your company on ASX

Schools Sharemarket Game - Answers to questions about playing the Schools Sharemarket Game

ASX Sharemarket Game - Answers to questions about playing the Public Sharemarket Game

Watchlists - Answers to questions about setting up and using watchlists.

Customer Service – includes the most frequently asked questions our Customer Service staff answers on a regular basis.