To:  All Members/ Back Office Accounting Suppliers/ Quote Vendors

No. 03/00


Year 2000 Operations

This statement is a Year 2000 disclosure statement for the purposes of the Year 2000 Information Disclosure Act 1999. A person may be protected by that Act from liability for this statement in certain circumstances.

This statement has been authorised by Brett Young, Director - Administration & Professional Services.

The Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE) completed its first 24 hours of operation in the Year 2000 without disruption.

The first clearing run for 2000 was completed, with all operational procedures meeting usual schedules. Members, Quote Vendors and Back Office Accounting Providers have all successfully connected to SFE systems.

SFE’s subsidiary, the New Zealand Futures and Options Exchange, commenced trading at 8.00am NZT, Wednesday 5 January.

Both markets are operating normally and no Y2K-related issues have been identified.

If you have any queries about the above or any other issues regarding the SFE and NZFOE Year 2000 project, please either email to: or contact Fiona Diplock, Year 2000 Member Liaison on (02) 9256 0479


Fiona Diplock
Senior Project Analyst