To:  Back Office Accounting Suppliers/ Full Members/ Local Members

No. 10/00


Last Day of Trading January 2000 Ten Year & Three Year Bond Serial Option Contracts

The January 2000 Ten Year and Three Year Bond Serial Option contracts cease trading at 12:30pm on Monday, 17 January 2000.

The table below outlines the requirements for Traders, Back Office staff and BOA providers for the 12:30pm Option Expiry process.

Processing Timetable

Deadline Activity
12:30pm Trading closes in the XB & YB January Serial Option contracts
1:00pm Clearing Members to submit Notice of Option Exercise/Abandonment forms to SFECH (for manual exercise/abandonments only)
1:30pm All trades in the expiring options month confirmed within STACS

SFE will apply contract lock ensuring no more allocations/assignments can be performed via STACS

2:00pm Clearing Members download Reported Position file for expiring option contract(s) to SFE Operations

Members who submit a Reported Position file via a bureau should allow 15 minutes for transfer of the files from the bureau to the Exchange

Members/BOA’s should be aware that it is critical that these times are met, in order for assigned positions (resulting from manual exercise/abandonments) to be advised before the close of trading in the underlying futures contracts. To ensure timeliness of such notification, SFE and SFECH will not permit any extensions to the cut-off times above.

Please ensure you are in a position to comply with these requirements.


Angie Kingham
Manager; Trade Administration