To: All Members
No: 29/00


Name change for the All Ordinaries Share Price Index Contract

On 3 April 2000, the name of Sydney Futures Exchange’s (SFE) premier equity product, the "All Ordinaries Share Price Index Contract", will be changed to the "Share Price Index Contract". However, it will continue to be known by the acronym of "SPIŽ".

The name change has been necessitated by the alterations the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) is making to the All Ordinaries Index (AOI). On 3 April, the number of stocks within the AOI will be increased to 500.

The new SPIŽ will be priced and settled against the calculations and the algorithm used for the existing AOI. ASX will continue to calculate and disseminate this information until September 2001 when the SPIŽ contract will have its last expiry.

SFE is finalising plans for a replacement contract to the SPIŽ and will announce the details shortly.


Todd Kennedy

Senior Research Analyst; Equities