To:  Back Office Accounting Suppliers/ Clearing Members/ Floor Members

No. 15/00


March 2000 Wheat Expiry & Delivery Details

The March 2000 Wheat Futures Contract delivery period commences on Wednesday, 1 March 2000 through to Tuesday, 21 March 2000. Trading in this contract ceases at 4.00pm on Tuesday, 21 March 2000.

The allocation of deliveries will be made on the basis of the oldest long positions being allocated first.

It is important for all long position holders to be aware that they may be required to take delivery of wheat at any stage during the delivery period.

Members are reminded that it is a requirement that trade confirmations during the delivery period for the expiring month, must be confirmed in STACS by 5:00pm.

Please ensure you are in a position to comply with these requirements.

Should you have any queries regarding the above, please contact Patrick Cogswell on (02) 9256 0632.


Patrick Cogswell
Settlements Administrator