Clearing and Settlement of Cash Equities in Australia

Customer Access

ASX participants

ASX offers a range of participant membership categories that span its trading, clearing and settlement facilities.  The following participant options are available:...

The ASX Customer Management function is the central point of contact for any enquiries relating to participation, including new or existing participants. The Customer Management team can be contacted on 1300 735 713 (or +612 8298 8249) or

An overview of the admission process, the key requirements to consider when preparing to submit a participant application and the application and annual fees is available here.

Services for Approved Market Operators

Trade Acceptance Service

ASX’s Trade Acceptance Service (TAS) provides non-discriminatory access to clearing and settlement arrangements for unaffiliated Approved Market Operators (AMOs).  The Trade Acceptance Service enables trades in CHESS eligible financial products executed on any Australian licensed trading platform to be cleared and settled by ASX Clear and ASX Settlement.

Further information on the Trade Acceptance Service, including information on the contractual framework, service fees and the operational and technical standards is available here.

Services for Approved Listing Market Operators

Settlement Facilitation Service

ASX Settlement provides unaffiliated Approved Listing Market Operators (ALMOs) with settlement arrangements under the Settlement Facilitation Service in respect of the CHESS-eligible financial products listed on their markets.

ASX Settlement has also put in place arrangements for ALMO-listed issuers to use the ASX Primary Market Facility.  The ASX Primary Market Facility provides ALMO‑listed issuers with DvP settlement services for certain capital raisings.

Further information on the Settlement Facilitation Service, including information on the contractual framework, service fees, and the operational procedures is available here.