Investment videos 2016

How to target double digit returns

Simon Shields, Monash Investors

Simon shares his thoughts on current equity markets valuations, the market cycle and key stocks in the Monash portfolio. Simon also explains how an absolute return fund can target a specific outcome such a double digit returns through techniques like shorting, borrowing and use of derivatives.

Recorded - Mon 17 October 2016.

Jeremy Hook, TMS Capital

Jeremy shares a selection of stocks with potential and reflects on his past picks.

Recorded - Tue 27 September 2016.

Nerida Cole, Dixon Advisory

Control and choice are the key drivers for selecting a SMSF – but what is the reality of actually running one? Nerida Cole shares her insights into how much work is involved and what it takes to make them a success.

Recorded - Thu 18 August 2016.

Paul Clitheroe, Chairman Financial Literacy Council

Paul Clitheroe shares his advice on where to get started in investing – and it’s not what you might think. Paul also reveals what’s in his portfolio, and why living longer is a real concern for him.

Recorded - Mon 11 July 2016.

Roger Montomery, Montgomery Investment Management

It doesn’t matter if you are 25 or 75 you have to approach the sharemarket the same way – finding growth is the key. Roger shares his outlook for companies that are demonstrating growth prospects.

Recorded - Mon 20 June 2016.

Julia Lee, Bell Direct

Julia shares 2 easy to use strategies that have delivered major outperformance over the past few years.

Recorded - Mon 30 May 2016.

Geoff Wilson, Chairman/Portfolio Manager, Wilson Asset Management

Geoff Wilson shares his approach to discovering opportunities in the top 200 companies listed on ASX. Learn how he finds value while aiming to outperform the ASX 200 index. What is Geoff’s current view on the banks, what sectors are of interest and how much cash is he holding at the moment?

Recorded - Tue 19 April 2016.

Savanth Sebastian, Commsec

The latest economic forecast paints a patchy picture – discover what is behind the fall in planned business investment, why QLD is underperforming - what the record number of dwelling approvals in 2015 means and where the strength lies in the labour market.

Recorded - Fri 18 March 2016.

Matthew Felsman, APP Securities

Anchoring, FOMO & under-reacting - your mind can be your own worst enemy when it comes to investing success. Learn why your emotions are as important as your company research when investing.

Recorded - Thu 25 February 2016.

Steven Wright, Morgans

Government bonds outperformed shares in 2015. Discover what opportunities lie ahead in 2016 for government, corporate and hybrid fixed interest markets.

Recorded - Thu 28 January 2016.

Martin Roth, Author

Martin's annual look at the top stocks on ASX. Learn why BHP is out, Coca Cola is in, and the strength of diversified financials like Platinum and Magellan.

Recorded - Tue 15 December 2015.

Zoe Lamont, 10thousand Girl Campaign

Zoe Lamont from 10thousandgirl talks to women around the country about improving their financial know-how.

Recorded - Tue 15 December 2015.

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