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Martin Roth: Top Stocks 2015

Martin Roth: Top Stocks 2015

Martin Roth talks to Tony Featherstone about highlights of his best-selling book Top Stocks 2015. Which companies are in, which are out and some of Martin’s favourites.

Recorded - Thu 27 November 2014.

Marcus Padley, Marcus Today

This leading stockbroker explains what it takes to get started in the sharemarket, build considerable long-term wealth - and avoid the traps. 

Recorded - Thu 27 November 2014.

Ross Greenwood, Nine Network

Leading business broadcaster tells us what to watch out for next year and where he thinks the market is headed.

Recorded - Tue 28 October 2014.

Andrew Maple-Brown, Maple-Brown Abbott

Andrew explains how infrastructure investing can create consistent returns over time. He also discusses some of his current Australian infrastructure favourites.

Recorded - Tue 28 October 2014.

Tim Lincoln, Lincoln

Lincoln Indicators managing director, Tim Lincoln, outlines the steps he uses to identify high-quality companies, and profit as they grow.

Recorded - Mon 15 September 2014.

Nick Radge, The Chartist

How charting spots what the smart money is doing. Hear how Nick Radge makes momentum trading work for him.

Recorded - Tue 9 September 2014.

Peter Quinton, Bell Potter

Over the last 10 years shares have performed well but it is dividends that have provided the real kicker. Bell Potter’s Head of Research, Peter Quinton gives us four model portfolios to optimise the dividend effect.

Recorded - Mon 4 August 2014.

Cathy Kovacs, BT Financial Group

Our interviewer confesses how he got into trouble with his margin loan and receives some practical advice on what he should have done.

Recorded - Tue 12 August 2014.

Alan Kohler, Eureka Report

Alan Kohler talks to Tony Featherstone about his approach to investing, the strategy for his super fund and the companies he is investing in. Find out which long term themes Alan sees playing out over his 5 year investment horizon.

Recorded - Thu 3 July 2014.

George Boubouras, Equity Trustees

If you want to take the next step with your portfolio by structuring it as a growth or income fund, take the time to listen to professional fund manager George Boubouras' tips on how to construct them. He will also give you a look at the stocks Equity Trustees currently have in their funds.

Recorded - Thu 3 July 2014.

George Boubouras, Equity Trustees

Leading fund manager takes a top down look at the markets here and overseas. Although there are concerns, George Boubouras of Equity Trustees argues there are more reasons to be confident.

Recorded - Thu 3 July 2014.

Jeremy Hook, TMS Capital

Some companies you may have heard of, others perhaps not. But according to Jeremy Hook of TMS Capital, all have a strong story to tell be it high returns, economic moats or growth markets.

Recorded - Tue 3 June 2014.

Stuart Roberts, Baillieu Holst

Australian life science stocks are well regarded but it’s a volatile sector. Biotech analyst Stuart Roberts explains why these four stocks have done well this year.

Recorded - Mon 19 May 2014.

Simon Marais, Allan Gray Australia

(ASX acknowledges the passing of Simon Marais in February 2015 and expresses its sympathy to his family and friends.) Top turnaround stock ideas and strategies: how this leading contrarian investor picks companies that are badly out of favour - but have big potential upside - and manages the risks.

Recorded - Mon 14 April 2014.

Julia Lee, Bell Direct

Investors tend to over-buy or over-sell which creates opportunities. Julia explains three simple share selection tests and shows us the results of a recent scan for value in the market.

Recorded - Mon 24 March 2014.

Rudi Filapek-Vandyck, FNArena

PE ratios are a standard measure of whether companies are expensive or cheap. But there are traps. Rudi explains why you shouldn't compare all companies by their PE and he tells us which companies justify high PEs due to their all-weather performance.

Recorded - Wed 12 March 2014.

John Murray, Lonsec

SMSFs - whether you have one or are thinking of setting one up, you should watch this interview. Stockbroker John Murray raises some confronting issues about the suitability of SMSFs for most people, irrespective of how much you have to invest.

Recorded - Tue 18 February 2014.

Steven Daghlian, CommSec

Will earnings reports delight or disappoint? There have been some earnings surprises recently which makes this reporting season particularly interesting. CommSec share their view on what we can expect. With a positive view on China and the US, Steven Daghlian then focuses on the key sectors of mining, financials, insurance and retail.

Recorded - Fri 31 January 2014.

Martin Roth, Author

Tony Featherstone interviews Martin Roth about the twentieth edition his best-selling book - “Top Stocks”. Learn how he chooses companies for the book and which high-profile companies did not make it this year. Tony and Martin also discuss, in some detail, 5 high-performing small and mid-cap companies.

Recorded - Mon 16 December 2013.

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