Investment videos 2015

View videos from industry experts on issues related to sharemarket investing.

Market outlook and the implications for your portfolio

George Boubouras, Contango Asset Management

George looks at current state of play in markets; he share his thoughts on current equity valuations and the implications when constructing a large cap growth fund, a dividend fund and a small cap fund.

Recorded - Wed 21 October 2015.

Nathan Lim, Australian Ethical Investment

An ethical investment approach weights this fund manager’s portfolio towards technology and health care. Nathan Lim explains the how his team combines values and profit in their portfolio and some sectors that are outperforming now.

Recorded - Tue 25 August 2015.

Matthew Wilson, YieldReport

In part two of this two-part segment, Matt outlines the basics of bond pricing, how to buy and sell fixed interest, and how to compare different bonds.

Recorded - Thu 11 June 2015.

Matthew Wilson, YieldReport

You are not a complete investor until you understand bonds. In part one of this two-part segment, Matt outlines the benefits of investing in bonds for income.

Recorded - Thu 11 June 2015.

Julia Lee, Bell Direct

In this easy to follow presentation Julia Lee explains the role interest rates and overseas stimulus packages are having on our market as well as some suggestions on how to respond.

Recorded - Mon 25 May 2015.

Roger Montgomery, The Montgomery Fund

Roger Montgomery asks what would happen to income stocks if term deposits paid 8%. While investing in shares for income is a sound strategy, just comparing yield to interest rates is a flawed strategy.

Recorded - Fri 17 April 2015.

Robert Gottliebsen, Business Spectator

Tony Featherstone chats with veteran finance commentator Robert Gottliebsen about what he looks for in a company, where the market is headed and where he has his money now.

Recorded - Mon 16 March 2015.

Ben Clark, TMS Capital

An ageing population means more travel and more demand for health services. Flight Centre and Primary Health Care are two stocks well positioned to benefit from this macroeconomic trend.

Recorded - Fri 27 February 2015.

Craig James, Commsec

America matters, interest rates will stay low, and why won’t Aussie companies spend? Craig James addresses these issues in his outlook for 2015.

Recorded - Tue 20 January 2015.

Alan Hull, share trader and author

A few stocks catch Alan's eye as trading opportunities in this quick fire review of the charts of the top 20s.

Recorded - Thu 27 November 2014.

Martin Roth: Top Stocks 2015

Martin Roth talks to Tony Featherstone about highlights of his best-selling book Top Stocks 2015. Which companies are in, which are out and some of Martin’s favourites.

Recorded - Thu 27 November 2014.

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