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Here is a snapshot of entities that had applied for admission to the official list of ASX, as at December 3, 2014. Upcoming floats has more information, and Recent floats and listings provides information on entities that have listed on ASX in the previous two months. Note: information about upcoming floats can change quickly if companies close their IPO ahead of schedule, or decide to extend their offer. Check the ASX website or talk to your financial adviser for latest information. IPO listing and closing dates are indicative only.

1. 8I Holdings Ltd

The Singapore-based company operates an investment business focusing on investments in listed securities and property developments; and a financial education and training seminar business. Capital to be raised: $18 million.

2. Aeeris Ltd

Aeeris is the developer, operator and provider of the Early Warning Network, a multi-channel, Geographic Notification and Information System (GNIS) which was built to help protect lives, property and business. This system has been operating continuously since early 2007 and has been used more than 18,000 times to deliver millions of alerts Australia-wide. Capital to be raised: $6 million.

3. Catapult Group International Ltd

Developed out of the Australian Institute of Sport and the Cooperative Research Centres, Catapult is bringing together sport and science in unprecedented ways for athletes. Capital to be raised: $12 million. 

4. Centuria Metropolitan REIT

Centuria Property Funds focuses on purchasing high-quality, investment-grade property. It aims to identify investments with a strong mix of income revenue, capital growth potential and tax benefits. Capital to be raised: $114 million.

5. DTI Group Ltd

DTI provides advanced surveillance systems, solutions, and services to the global mass transit industry. Its customers are transit agencies and operators and its range of professional products and services encompass on-board recording equipment, fleet management systems, back-end mass storage and retrieval facilities and end-to-end managed services. Capital to be raised: $2 million.

6. Genetic Signatures Limited

Genetic Signatures has developed and commercialised a suite of EasyScreen™ Real-Time PCR based kits for the routine detection of infectious diseases. The EasyScreen™ kits provide hospital and pathology laboratories with the molecular tools to screen for a wide array of infectious pathogens in a rapid and high-throughput environment. Capital to be raised: $15 million.

7. Jacana Minerals Limited

Jacana Minerals boasts a portfolio of mineral sands and graphite prospects in Tanzania. Jacana was spun out from Syrah Resources Limited on 1 October 2014 and expects to be listed on the ASX in early December. Capital to be raised: $10 million.

8. LatAm Autos Limited

LatAm Autos is an operator of car classifieds and content websites in Latin America. Capital to be raised: $18 million.

9. Lovisa Holdings Limited

After launching its first fashion jewellery and hair accessories retail store in April 2010, Lovisa has expanded to eight countries, with over 230 stores. Capital to be raised: $102 million.

10. Martin Aircraft Company Limited

Martin Aircraft Company is the maker of the innovative Martin Jetpack.  With its patented technology, the Martin Jetpack is poised to alter the dynamics of aviation.  Initially designed as a personal Jetpack for individuals in the leisure market, the technology is being recognised for its applications across a broad range of different sectors. Capital to be raised: $25 million.

11. oOh!media Limited

oOh!media's portfolio provides advertisers with access to one of the largest and most diverse Out Of Home audience bases in Australia. This gives advertisers the ability to serve their various marketing objectives through a multitude of advertising solutions provided by oOh!media. Capital to be raised: $168.8 million.

12. Perpetual Equity Investment Company Limited

Perpetual Equity Investment Company offers investors access to a portfolio of predominantly high-quality Australian and global listed securities, selected by Perpetual Investment Management, one of Australia's most experienced fund managers, and managed to provide regular income and long-term capital growth. Capital to be raised: $600 million.

13. Phytotech Medical Limited

Phytotech is a new company established to be an Australian pioneer in the development of medical cannabis delivery systems, initially to regulated markets in the US, Canada, Israel and Europe. Capital to be raised: $5 million.

14. Proteomics International Laboratories Ltd

Proteomics International Laboratories is an innovative biological research and drug discovery company working to make a difference in people's lives by developing simple diagnostic tests for common diseases and discovering new therapeutic drugs. Capital to be raised: $4 million.

15. Shale Energy Limited

Shale Energy has been involved in the US oil and gas sector since 2008, and has been able to develop key relationships required to be successful in the US on-shore oil and gas development industry. Capital to be raised: $3.5 million.

16. SurfStitch Group Limited

An Australian-based online retailer of surf and fashion wear that is expanding internationally. Capital to be raised: $83.2 million.

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The entities listed above have made application for admission to the official list of ASX. Part of this application process includes the allocation of a provisional ASX code and the provision of details about the entity on the linked page below. In some instances ASX provides a link to a third-party site from which the offer document and application form may also be available for download.

The allocation of a code and the provision of a link to a third-party site does not in any way imply that the entity's application for admission to the official list will be approved and should not be considered in any way as an indication of the merits of the entity. Use of a link to a third-party site indicates your acceptance of the conditions.

It is advisable to obtain investment advice before making any investment decisions relying on information provided on a third-party site, and the entity's offer document should be read in its entirety before any decision is made to invest in the entity's securities.

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