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Your guide to forthcoming floats.

A selection of companies that are raising capital and have applied for official admission to ASX, as well as links to information on upcoming and new listings.

Here is a snapshot of entities that had applied for admission to the official list of ASX, as at August 5, 2015. Upcoming Floats has more information, and Recent Floats and Listings provides information on entities that have listed on ASX in the previous two months.

Note: information about upcoming floats can change quickly if companies close their IPO ahead of schedule, or decide to extend their offer. Check the ASX website or talk to your financial adviser for latest information. IPO listing and closing dates are indicative only.

1. Adherium Limited
A digital health company that develops and manufactures solutions to monitor and increase patient adherence to prescribed therapies. Capital to be raised: $35 million.

2. Beston Global Food Company Limited
Beston’s objective is to invest in well-established companies in Australia and globally that produce food and beverage products capable of capitalising on the demand opportunities emerging from the exponential growth in the world's population, and specifically from the ‘dining boom' taking place across Asia. Capital to be raised: $100-130 million.

3. Bitcoin Group Limited
Bitcoin Group is an Australian based pure-play Bitcoin mining operator, currently producing approximately 1.45 per cent of the global mining output, by operating 5.3 petahashes of mining hardware in seven mining sites across China, Iceland and Australia. Capital to be raised: $20 million.

4.CV Check Ltd
CV Check provides a full range of online global screening and verification services, such as police and point identification checks, for companies and individuals, to a wide range of industries. Capital to be raised: $11 million.

5. Dongfang Modern Agriculture Holding Group Limited
Dongfang, a hi-tech Chinese agricultural company, is mainly engaged in: oil-tea camellia, pomelo, citrus, navel oranges, tea tree, nursery-grown plants, flowers and plants cultivating, and products sale. Capital to be raised: $50 million.

6. Ellerston Asian Investment Limited
Ellerston Capital has established Ellerston Asian Investments Limited to provide investors with exposure to a portfolio of high-growth equity securities in Asia utilising Ellerston’s high-conviction investment strategy. Capital to be raised: up to $100 million.

7. Future Generation Global Investment Company Limited
The first internationally focused listed investment company to provide shareholders with diversified exposure to selected global fund managers while changing the lives of young Australians affected by mental illness. Capital to be raised: $550 million.

8. Global Fortune Investment Limited
GFI intends to act as multi-faceted Australian-Chinese investment vehicle through existing interests in Western Australian exploration assets, together with a longer-term plan for developing food, beverage and agricultural products, and cross-border trading business in Australia, New Zealand and China. It is also building an e-commerce platform. Capital to be raised: $3.9 million.

9. Golden Eagle Mining Limited
Golden Eagle Mining is a mineral and exploration development company with 62 prospecting, exploration and mining tenements within a 60 kilometre radius of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. Its strategy is to develop gold assets in proven gold-producing regions. Capital to be raised: $4.4 million.

10. iCandy Interactive Limited
 iCandy Interactive is an investment holding company principally involved in investing in prospective mobile interactive entertainment studios in Asia to produce quality and fun mobile interactive entertainment for the global mobile-games market. Capital to be raised: $3.5 million.

11. Knosys Limited
Knosys is an enterprise-grade knowledge management software platform for large customer service and support organisations, especially those managing complex queries across multiple customer segments and market places. Capital to be raised: $4 million.

12. National Veterinary Care Ltd
A veterinary services provider that is partnering with high-quality established veterinary clinics that want to benefit from being in a larger group. Capital to be raised: $30 million.

13. Soon Mining Limited
Soon Mining is a gold mining company registered in Australia. Its flagship operation is the Kwahu Praso Gold Concession, located in the Eastern Region of Ghana, with Soon Mining fully owning the project. Capital to be raised: $3 million.

14. Timah Resources Limited
Timah Resources is currently changing its business focus from tin and tungsten exploration to renewable energy generation through the acquisition of Mistral Engineering Sdn Bhd. Capital to be raised: $3 million.

15. Traditional Therapy Clinics Limited
Traditional Therapy Clinics is a franchisor and the owner of one of the largest chains of traditional therapeutic health and wellness clinics in China (299 franchise licences granted and 11 owned clinics in operation, as at 30 April 2015). Capital to be raised: $15 million.

From ASX

The entities listed above have made application for admission to the official list of ASX. Part of this application process includes the allocation of a provisional ASX code and the provision of details about the entity on the linked page above. In some instances, ASX provides a link to a third-party site from which the offer document and application form may also be available for download.

The allocation of a code and the provision of a link to a third-party site does not in any way imply that the entity’s application for admission to the official list will be approved and should not be considered in any way as an indication of the merits of the entity. Use of a link to a third-party site indicates your acceptance of the conditions.

It is advisable to obtain investment advice before making any investment decisions relying on information provided on a third-party site, and the entity’s offer document should be read in its entirety before any decision is made to invest in the entity’s securities.

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