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Welcome to the first issue of ASX Investor Update for 2016. Our annual outlook issue, the most read each year, coincides with a refreshed newsletter design and a few additions.

The changes are in response to an extensive survey of ASX Investor Update readers, conducted in the fourth quarter of 2015. About 1,600 current and lapsed readers generously gave their views on the newsletter’s content, design, readability and usefulness.

Your views help us to better tailor information and ensure the newsletter continues to meet the needs of a wide range of investors. With more than 200,000 subscribers, ranging from beginners to investment professionals, ASX Investor Update is one of Australia’s largest free investment education e-newsletters.

Readers are happy with the newsletter, although there are always areas for improvement. Most said the mix, length and readability of content was about right. Some respondents felt the stories should have more links to other information.

Asked how to improve ASX Investor Update, readers suggested more information on how to analyse companies, using fundamental and technical analysis. They also wanted greater content on market news and trends, and analyst stock recommendations. Information on charting and investment products other than shares was requested.

About three-quarters of respondents were interested in the newsletter featuring case studies of other investors. There was also strong support for an “ask the expert” section and a beginner’s section covering basic investment concepts. Most readers preferred written over video or audio content and they felt the newsletter’s monthly frequency was correct.

Better labelling of stories to ensure readers know the target audience for a story was a key request. Extending the pool of writers, including introducing more female columnists, was another priority.

Readers also want columnists to be more assertive with their opinion and refrain from promoting their company’s products and services, or overtly lifting their personal profile. Some felt there is too much emphasis on buying stocks or other investment products in the newsletter and not enough on selling.

Lapsed ASX Investor Update readers said the newsletter content is sometimes too general or pitched at beginners rather than advanced investors. Or the information is not timely enough and can be better summarised for time-poor readers.

Getting the content balance in a newsletter as large as ASX Investor Update, with such a diversity of readership, is never easy. Nor is finding the balance between providing educational content and timelier views on markets, sectors and stocks. But your feedback suggest that the newsletter, for the most part, is valued.

Newsletter redesign
The design refresh builds on the newsletter’s strengths and addresses some suggestions from the survey. The first thing you’ll notice is a modern, streamlined design. The newsletter template retains the core structure and adds a New to Investing section. We have also given the Upcoming IPOs section more prominence, given its popularity with readers.

A highlight for future issues is the ASK@ASX section. Each month we will present a reader’s question to an expert contributor on a general investment topic, market or stock issue. This section is designed to meet reader needs for educational information as well as providing timelier views on stocks, sectors and markets.

The New to Investing section is the biggest change. This dedicated section for sharemarket beginners ensures ASX Investor Update meets its primary aim: to provide balanced, independent educational information accessible to all investors. New subscribers to ASX Investor Update will also receive a specially tailored newsletter for the first few issues.

You will also note better labelling of stories, which outlines the reader benefit of each story, who it is intended for and the companies/products mentioned. Also, keep an eye out for additional writers in the next few months and a bigger pool of content contributors.

We hope you like the changes and continue to find ASX Investor Update a useful part of your investment information set. Recommend it to family and friends if you think they, too, could benefit from this free investment e-newsletter.

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Tony Featherstone is Consulting Editor of ASX Investor Update

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