ASX is moving to a new digital home soon.

Setting up your watchlist is quick and easy to do via the new Investor Portal. Head to the new ASX website to get the latest company information and learn how to view and edit your watchlist on any device, with notifications that are tailored for you.

MyASX is a collection of FREE sharemarket services.

With MyASX you can

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  • Play the ASX Sharemarket Game

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MyASX services


Watchlists allow you to monitor the profit or loss of shares, options, warrants, and other securities you either own or are interested in.

Email newsletter

ASX publishes the monthly Investor Update email newsletter. Practical information from industry experts, delivered free to your inbox.

Sharemarket Games

ASX Schools Sharemarket Game.
The ASX Schools Sharemarket Game gives secondary school students across Australia the opportunity to buy and sell shares using real companies, live share prices, and brokerage charges on every trade. A teacher needs to register their school by becoming a MyASX user and completing the Game registration form.

ASX Public Sharemarket Game
The ASX Sharemarket Game lets you take a hypothetical $50,000, create your own virtual share portfolio and experience what it is like to invest in the sharemarket without spending a cent of your own money!