Quotation Requirements

The main quotation requirements for debt securities are as follows:

  • The aggregate face value for the securities must be at least $10 million.
  • The company will need to give ASX a copy of the documents setting out the terms of issue of the securities, any trust deed, and the registry and dealers agreements.
  • The securities must be approved for settlement in CHESS (or, in the case of wholesale debt issues, for settlement in Austraclear).

On-going Requirements

The on-going requirements for listed debt issuers include the following:

  • Compliance with continuous disclosure obligations in relation to quoted debt securities.
  • Providing ASX each year with a copy of the audited annual accounts.
  • If the terms of issue of debt securities are changed, providing ASX with a copy of the updated terms.
  • Complying with a standard timetable for interest payments. For instance, the standard requirement for books closing date (record date) is generally at the close of business 8 calendar days before the interest payment date.

A number of other requirements apply. Further details of the above requirements, and details of other quotation and ongoing requirements that apply to debt issuers, are available by calling ASX Issuers on (+61) 2 9227 0133.

For more information on the benefits of quoting debt securities on ASX, please download the booklet - "A simple guide to listing debt on ASX".