Listing fees

At the time of listing you will be required to pay an initial listing fee and a pro-rata annual fee for the remainder of the financial year. From there on the annual fee will apply.

Fees are calculated on the value of the securities that are quoted. Fees also apply if your company raises additional capital following the IPO.

The table is a guide to ASX fees that currently apply to listings with a market value of up to A$500 million. Fees do not include GST. Your advisers will charge additional fees. Calculate estimated fees with our listing fees calculator.

  Listing fees calculator
Market Capitalisation* Initial Fee Annual Fee**
$10m $75,338 $26,376
$50m $118,388 $34,654
$100m $156,057 $45,001
$500m $339,018 $61,729

*Calculation based on securities for which quotation is sought.                                                                                                                                                                    

**Annual Fees are pro-rated for the first fiscal year of listing

ASX's current Schedule of Listing Fees can be found in ASX Listing Rule Guidance Note 15A

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