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listing process steps

Detailed steps of listing

Listing with ASX is a seven-step process that takes approximately 19 weeks,
starting from appointing advisers to closing the offer.


Appointing advisers


Appointing an experienced team of advisers is essential to the success of an IPO.

Professional advisers typically include:


    A lead manager or corporate adviser


    Investment bank and/or stockbroker






    Advisers required to provide expert reports in relation to the IPO


Preparatory Work

WEEKS 2 - 10

The preparatory work for an IPO includes drafting the prospectus, listing application and other required documents and undertaking a due diligence process. In some cases, it may also include applying to ASX for in-principle advice on the suitability of the company for listing on ASX.

The Australian Corporations Act contains a general disclosure test for prospectuses. It stipulates a prospectus must contain all the information that investors and their professional advisers would reasonably require to make an informed assessment about:


    The rights and liabilities attaching to shares offered


    The assets and liabilities, financial position and performance, profits and losses and prospects of the share issuer

A prospectus will usually include key information about the company’s business model, risks, management, financials, and details of the offer itself.

The due diligence process is guided by a committee, comprised of representatives of the company and other parties potentially liable under the prospectus. This is to help ensure the prospectus meets legal requirements, and that any parties with potential liability can rely on due diligence defences in law.


Commence institutional marketing

WEEKS 10 - 12

The Corporations Act strictly limits advertising of an IPO prior to lodgement of the prospectus with Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

However, certain marketing activities can be undertaken to institutional investors, including IPO roadshows. These are a series of meetings between the company, investment bankers and institutional investors used to generate interest in the offer.


Lodge prospectus with ASIC

WEEKS 11 - 12

An ‘exposure period’ of seven days starts from the date of lodgement. During this time the prospectus is made available for public review and comment, and during this period the company cannot accept any applications under the offer.

ASIC can extend the exposure period to up to fourteen days after lodgement if it needs time to review the prospectus in detail.

Applications from investors can be processed after the end of the exposure period. After this period, ASIC has the power to issue an interim and/or final order to stop the offer if ASIC has concerns about the disclosure in the prospectus.


Processing of listing application by ASX

WEEKS 11 - 16
  • Seven days

    The formal listing application must be lodged with ASX within seven days of lodgement of the prospectus with ASIC. Typically the review and approval of the application by ASX is completed within six weeks.

  • Six weeks

    Typically, the review and approval of the application by ASX is completed within six weeks.


Marketing and offer period

WEEKS 13 - 17

The offer to retail investors starts after the exposure period and usually is open for a period of three to five weeks.


Closing the offer

WEEKS 18 - 19

In the final step, the offer closes, shares are allocated and trading commences.

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