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Spheria launch Australian Microcap Fund, Australian Smaller Companies Fund and Australian MidCap Fund (mFund codes: SPM01, SPM02 and SPM03)

31 October 2016

Spheria launch three new micro, small and mid-cap funds

Spheria Asset Management Pty Limited (‘Spheria’) is a fundamental-based investment manager with a bottom-up focus specialising in small and microcap companies. The principals, Marcus Burns and Matthew Booker, are the former portfolio managers of small-cap funds of Schroders. Together they have a combined experience of 40 years in the industry.
The three funds managed by Spheria are:

  • Spheria Australian Microcap Fund (SPM01)
  • Spheria Australian Smaller Companies Fund (SPM02)
  • Spheria Australian MidCap Fund (SPM03)

Key benefits of the funds managed by Spheria are:

  • Focus on quality businesses and active investment management
  • Potential for higher growth - smallcap, midcap and microcap companies generally have more potential for growth relative to large companies as they may be in the earlier stages of development or are providing new services or technologies.
  • Open-minded, holistic thinking – Spheria assesses stocks with a broader view, noting that global parallels are important in a technologically evolving environment.
  • Risk aware – risk is central to Spheria’s thinking around portfolio construction and investment not merely an after-thought.

To read the Product Disclosure statements, please visit the Fund information page.

For further information, news and insights please visit Spheria.