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PE Capital launch Y Fund (mFund code: PEY01)

11 January 2017

PE Capital launch a new cash and fixed interest fund

PE Capital is an Australian alternative asset manager focused on property and enterprise investments. They offer a range of alternative asset investment opportunities in managed funds, direct investments and portfolio capital management. Their goal is to provide investors with direct access to a range of investment solutions previously only available to sophisticated and wholesale investors.

PE Capital’s first offer via the mFund Settlement Service is their Y Fund (mFund code: PEY01) which is a low risk, open ended fund, which combines a high weighting to domestic cash and fixed interest investments with a smaller allocation to commercial and retail development funding.

The 3 key features of the fund include:

  • A low risk investment: The Y Fund has a conservative investment strategy with a defensive asset allocation. It invests 80% of the portfolio in cash and fixed interest investments, which are actively managed by PE Capital’s funds management team. The investment manager is able to access institutional fixed interest rates by pooling investor funds.
  • Competitive returns: The Y Fund has a unique investment approach and targets higher returns than traditional cash products. They invest in fixed income and property assets that offer better interest rates than traditional deposits.
  • Convenient Access: Unlike other traditional fixed term cash products, PE Capital’s Y Fund was specifically designed to provide easy access to investor funds when they want them, a low $20,000 minimum investment, no penalties for withdrawals, no notice periods and funds redemptions available in investors account within 5 business days.

For further information, please view the Product Disclosure Statement or Fund Profile available at the Fund information page.