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Aberdeen launch Multi-Asset Income Fund and Multi-Asset Real Return Fund (mFund codes: AFZ16 and AFZ32)

3 April 2017

Aberdeen launch two new multi-asset funds

ASX is pleased to announce the admission of the first long form PDS products to the mFund Settlement Service, following recent ASX rule changes to expand the types of products available.

Aberdeen Asset Management is the investment manager and responsible entity of the Aberdeen Multi-Asset Income Fund and Aberdeen Multi-Asset Real Return Fund.

Aberdeen is one of the world’s largest independent asset managers by assets under management and is pleased to offer the following additional investment solutions on mFund:

  • The Aberdeen Multi-Asset Income Fund (mFund code: AFZ16) has an objective of both inflation-like capital growth and income above prevailing cash rates. The Fund has been designed to help retirees replace the regular wage income they have received during their working life. The income payments have many of the same characteristics of regular wage payments. The Fund invests in a range of growth assets including equities and property securities, and defensive assets such as fixed income and cash.

The Fund should suit investors who are looking to:

  • Prioritise regular, consistent, tax-efficient income and long-term growth to mitigate the effects of inflation, while aiming to minimize downside risk
  • Receive a consistent monthly income payment, pre-announced up to 12 months  in advance
  • Generally have immediate access to their capital in an emergency, unlike a term deposit which ties in investors for a fixed period and likely has an exit penalty payable upon early redemption
  • Diversify an existing income arrangement
  • The Aberdeen Multi-Asset Real Return Fund (mFund code: AFZ32) has an objective of 5% above CPI (pre fees) over a full market cycle. It can invest in a broad range of growth asset classes including equities, property and alternatives, and defensive assets including bonds and cash.

The Fund should suit a wide range of investors:

  • Young investors looking for one investment that provides a whole-of-portfolio solution without compromising on diversification or performance potential.
  • Investors in the 10-15 years before retirement who are focused on protecting the wealth they’ve created, while still earning steady returns as they approach retirement.
  • Investors already in retirement and still looking for some steady capital growth to pay for the latter stages of retirement, or to leave money to their children or grandchildren.
  • Charities or endowment funds where steady returns above inflation over time are preferred with a reduced risk of large negative returns.

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For more info please visit the Fund information page or the Aberdeen website.