Accredited advisers

Before making recommendations or giving advice to retail clients in relation to exchange traded options and most warrants, an adviser must be accredited.

There are two levels of accreditation:

Level One Accreditation is required in order to advise on:

  • warrants
  • taking options
  • selling options to close a taken position
  • writing covered call options

Level Two Accreditation is required in order to advise on:

  • writing options
  • multi-legged option strategies

If you require assistance in finding an accredited adviser, please contact ASIC Customer Service on 1300 300 630. 

The criteria you use in selecting an adviser will vary according to your needs and level of trading experience. Note that options and warrants can be traded through full service, or ‘advisory’ brokers, as well as discount, or ‘no advice’, brokers. If a broker offers an execution-only service, without providing advice, accreditation may not be required for their representatives.