ASX Code and Company Name Changes 2017

Companies that have changed their name and/or ASX code during 2017 are listed below.

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As of* Old details New details
29 Dec SWE Swala Energy Limited SL1 Symbol Mining Limited
27 Dec FGR First Graphite Limited FGR First Graphene Limited
22 Dec ENZ Enzumo Limited CWL Chant West Holdings Limited
21 Dec ATP Atlas Pearls and Perfumes Ltd ATP Atlas Pearls Ltd
20 Dec HJB HJB Corporation Limited JAN Janison Education Group Limited
19 Dec AU1 Ausnet Financial Services Limited AU1 The Agency Group Australia Ltd
19 Dec GGH Global Gold Holdings PLC PLC Financial Solutions Limited
18 Dec KBU Kabuni Ltd S3R Serpentine Technologies Limited
18 Dec LCR Laconia Resources Limited MSE Metalsearch Limited
18 Dec MNM Mantle Mining Corporation Ltd AUL Austar Gold Limited
18 Dec IMI IM Medical Ltd BPP Babylon Pump & Power Limited
15 Dec MBE Mobile Embrace Limited IMS Impelus Limited
15 Dec HHV Hunter Hall Global Value Limited PIA Pengana International Equities Limited
15 Dec QUR Quantum Resources Limited NVA Nova Minerals Limited
14 Dec CNQ Carbine Tungsten Limited SEI Speciality Metals International Limited
14 Dec ZML Zipmoney Ltd ZML Zip Co Limited
13 Dec SM8 Shark Mitigation Systems Ltd SM8 Smart Marine Systems Limited
11 Dec WOW Woolworths Ltd WOW Woolworths Group Limited
11 Dec MHM MHM Metals Limited VYS Vysarn Limited
11 Dec BML Botswana Metals Limited SI6 Six Sigma Metals Limited
8 Dec CZA Coal of Africa Limited MCM MC Mining Limited
7 Dec ITD ITL Limited ITD ITL Health Group Limited
6 Dec SEG Segue Resources Limited AMD Arrow Minerals Ltd
6 Dec BCI BC Iron Limited BCI BCI Minerals Limited
5 Dec SUD Suda Ltd SUD Suda Pharmaceuticals Ltd
5 Dec AVW Avira Energy Limited AVW Avira Resources Ltd
4 Dec AWQ Arowana Australasian Value Opportunities Fund Limited CVF Contrarian Value Fund Limited
4 Dec BTC Biotech Capital Limited BTC BTC Health Ltd
4 Dec EMX Energia Minerals Limited AZI Alta Zinc Limited
4 Dec EYM Elysium Resources Limited HDY Hardey Resources Limited
4 Dec GLF Gulf Industrials Limited CMD Cassius Mining Limited
4 Dec NWZ Newzulu Limited CSK Crowdspark Ltd
4 Dec UEQ Uranium Equities Limited DEV Devex Resources Limited
01 Dec PRR Prima Biomed Ltd IMM Immutep Limited
01 Dec CTN Contango MicroCap Limited NSC NAOS Small Cap Opportunities Company Limited
29 Nov NRT Novogen Limited KZA Kazia Therapeutics Limited
29 Nov RCG RCG Corporation Limited AX1 Accent Group Limited
28 Nov MNE Metallum Limited KMT Kopore Metals Limited
28 Nov POP Primary Opinion Limited LON Longtable Group Limited
27 Nov MOT Motopia Limited CRO Cirralto Limited
27 Nov CR8 Cre8tek Limited FGO Flamingo AI Limited
24 Nov OBL Oil Basins Limited EMP Emperor Energy Limited
24 Nov USF US Select Private Opportunities Fund I CD1 Cordish Dixon Private Equity Fund I
24 Nov USG US Select Private Opportunities Fund II CD2 Cordish Dixon Private Equity Fund II
24 Nov USP US Select Private Opportunities Fund III CD3 Cordish Dixon Private Equity Fund III
21 Nov CAP Carpentaria Exploration Limited CAP Carpentaria Resources Ltd
20 Nov HFA HFA Holdings Limited NGI Navigator Global Investments Limited
16 Nov PNN Pepinnini Minerals Limited PNN Pepinnini Lithium Limited
2 Nov LSN Lawson Gold Limited ODM Odin Metals Limited
25 Oct ANO Advanced Nano Technologies Limited ANO Advance NanoTek Limited
23 Oct EZA EZA Corporation Ltd SFM Santa Fe Minerals Ltd
23 Oct ERX Emperor Range Group Limited FYA Fortune Asia Group Ltd
20 Oct OEG Orpheus Energy Limited SNS SenSen Networks Limited
20 Oct MAI MainstreamBPO Limited MAI Mainstream Group Holdings Limited
17 Oct SKB Skydive the Beach Group Limited EXP Experience Co Limited
10 Oct NAM Namoi Cotton Co-Operative Limited NAM Namoi Cotton Limited
05 Oct AQU Aquaint Capital Holdings Limited SCL Schrole Group Ltd
26 Sep AUG Augend Ltd AU8 AuMake International limited
25 Sep URI Uranium Resources, Inc WWR Westwater Resources, Inc.
21 Sep GBX GB Energy Limited KLH Kalia Limited
21 Sep CYY Coventry Resources Limited PXX Polarx Limited
13 Sep WSG Wolfstrike Rentals Group Limited FEI FE investments Group Limited
14 Sep SOP SML Corporation Limited SOP Synertec Corporation Limited
12 Sep FOY FOY Group Limited IGE Integrated Green Energy Solutions Ltd
11 Sep AVI Avalon Minerals Ltd STM Sunstone Metals Ltd
11 Sep CBS Cabral Resources Limited BCB Bowen Coking Coal Limited
04 Sep CCA Chimpchange Limited CCA Change Financial Limited
01 Sep VSC Vita Life Sciences Limited VLS Vita Life Sciences Limited
31 Aug YHL Yanghao International Limited MHD Millennium Limited
28 Aug TND Top End Minerals Limited MYL Myanmar Metals Limited
24 Aug SZG Subzero Group Limited SZG A.C.N. 009 161 522 Limited
23 Aug APY Azonto Petroleum Ltd CE1 Calima Energy Limited
23 Aug WCP WCP Resources Ltd PLL Piedmont Lithium Ltd
23 Aug BUA Burrabulla Corporation Limited PUR Pursuit Minerals Ltd
15 Aug ARI Arrium Limited ARI A.C.N. 004 410 833 Limited
10 Aug CBQ Coalbank Limited AUH AustChina Holdings Limited
07 Aug LCG Living Cities Development Group Limited BIR Birrabong Corporation Limited
19 Jul MIZ Minera Gold Limited TTM Titan Minerals Limited
19 Jul EMC Emefcy Group Limited FLC Fluence Corporation Limited
18 Jul AYA Attila Resources Limited NCZ New Century Resources Limited
14 Jul VXL Valence Industries Limited QGL Quantum Graphite Limited
14 Jul GRA Graphite Corp Limited NVX Novonix Limited
06 Jul TSV Transerv Energy Limited WBE Whitebark Energy Ltd
27 Jun CMT Cott Oil and Gas Limited EHX EHR Resources Limited
26 Jun DYE Dyesol Ltd GSL Greatcell Solar Limited
19 Jun AKK Austin Exploration Limited FPL Fremont Petroleum Corporation Limited
15 Jun PNO Pharmanet Group Limited CAI Calidus Resources Limted
13 Jun HGG Henderson Group PLC JHG Janus Henderson Group PLC
13 Jun RHS Reproductive Health Science Limited RHS RHS Limited
06 Jun ERJ Enerji Ltd VPR Volt Power Group Limited
06 Jun HHL Hunter Hall International Limited PCG Pengana Capital Group Limited
05 Jun NGE New Guinea Energy Limited NGE NGE Capital Limted
05 Jun DKO Dakota Minerals Limited NLI Novo Litio Ltd
01 Jun WGO Waratah Resources Limited MBM Mobecom Limited
31 May DTX Datetix Group Ltd LVE Love Group Global Ltd
30 May CYU Chinalco Yunnan Copper Resources Ltd AKN Auking Mining Limited
29 May WMN Western Mining Network Limited EUC European Cobalt Limited
26 May EQU Equator Resources Limited CO1 Cobalt One
25 May ENL Eagle Nickel Limited PM1 Pure Minerals Limited
23 May ORN Orion Gold NL ORN Orion Minerals NL
15 May EUM Eumeralla Resources Ltd AMG Ausmex Mining Group Limited
15 May TECH ANZ ETFS Morningstar Global Technology ETF TECH ETFS Morningstar Global Technology ETF
15 May ESTX ANZ ETFS Euro Stoxx 50 ESTX ETFS Euro Stoxx 50 ETF
15 May ZCNH ANZ ETFS Physical Renminbi ETF ZCNH ETFS Physical Renminbi ETF
15 May ZYAU ANZ ETFS S&P/ASX 300 High Yield Plus ETF ZYAU ETFS S&P/ASX 300 High Yield Plus ETF
15 May ZYUS ANZ ETFS S&P 500 High Yield Low Volatility ETF ZYUS ETFS S&P 500 High Yield Low Volatility ETF
15 May ZUSD ANZ ETFS Physical US Dollar ETF ZUSD ETFS Physical US Dollar ETF
15 May ZGOL ANZ ETFS Physical Gold ETF ZGOL ETFS Physical Singapore Gold ETF
11 May NHO New Horizon Coal Ltd HE8 Helios Energy Ltd
09 May DXS DEXUS Property Group DXS Dexus
09 May APN APN News & Media Limited HT1 HT&E Limited
08 May SIG Sigma Pharmaceuticals Limited SIG Sigma Healthcare Limited
05 May RNI RNI NL AUR Auris Minerals Limited
04 May AUK Augur Resources Ltd CLL Collerina Cobalt Limited
04 May SIP Sigma Pharmaceuticals Limited SIG Sigma Pharmaceuticals Limited
2 May GSE Goldsearch Limited ZNO Zoono Group Limited
1 May FRE Freshtel Holdings Limited FSG Field Solutions Holdings Limited
21 Apr AIK Armidale Investment Corporation Limited COG Consolidated Operations Group Limited
12 Apr HLO Helloworld Limited HLO Helloworld Travel Limited
05 Apr RUL Rungepincockminarco Limited RUL RPMGlobal Holdings Limited
03 Apr RDV Russell High Dividend Australian Shares ETF RDV Russell Investments High Dividend Australian Shares ETF
03 Apr RVL Russell Australian Value ETF RVL Russell Investments Australian Value ETF
03 Apr RSM Russell Australian Semi-Government Bond ETF RSM Russell Investments Australian Semi-Government Bond ETF
03 Apr RCB Russell Australian Select Corporate Bond ETF RCB Russell Investments Australian Select Corporate Bond ETF
03 Apr RARI Russell Australian Responsible Investment ETF RARI Russell Investments Australian Government Bond ETF
03 Apr RGB Russell Australian Government Bond ETF RGB Russell Investments Australian Responsible Investment ETF
23 Mar TFC T.F.S Corporation Ltd QIN Quintis Ltd
22 Mar MVS VanEck Vectors Small Cap Dividend Payers ETF MVS VanEck Vectors Small Companies Masters ETF
14 Mar INL Intec Ltd SDV Scidev Ltd
07 Mar BAS Bass Strait Oil Company Limited BAS Bass Oil Limited
03 Mar ZYL ZYL Limited HWK Hawkstone Mining Limited
02 Mar WHN WHL Energy Limited QFY Quantify Technology Holdings Limited
01 Mar BNV Brand New Vintage Limited DW8 Dawine Ltd
08 Feb HHY Hastings High Yield Fund HHY HHY Fund
07 Feb CJC The Carajas Copper Company Limited VAL Valor Resources Limited
07 Feb RAW Rawson Resources Limited RAW Rawson Oil and Gas Ltd
07 Feb RER Regal Resources Limited NZC Nzuri Copper Limited
06 Feb PDY Padbury Mining Limited ANS Austsino Resources Group Limited
06 Feb ATU Atrum Coal NL ATU Atrum Coal Limited
03 Feb JKL JustKapital Litigation Partners Limited JKL JustKapital Limited
02 Feb TTE TTE Petroleum Ltd GEV Global Energy Ventures Ltd
27 Jan NVI Nevada Iron Ltd SHO Sportshero Limited
27 Jan TIX 360 Capital Industrial Fund CIP Centuria Industrial REIT
27 Jan VOC Vocus Communications Limited VOC Vocus Group Limited
27 Jan TWH TW Holdings Limited AC8 AusCann Group Holdings Ltd
25 Jan OXX Octanex N.L. OXX Octanex Limited
25 Jan TPR Timpetra Resources Limited MCA Murray Cod Australia Limited
23 Jan MGS MGT Resources Limited AVW Avira Energy Limited
23 Jan TOF 360 Capital Office Fund CUA Centuria Urban REIT
18 Jan ZRL Zambezi Resources Limited TKM Trek Metals Limited
16 Jan RGU Regalpoint Resources Ltd AO1 AssetOwl Limited
16 Jan GER Greenearth Energy Limited VIV Vivid Technology Limited
11 Jan CVG Convergent Minerals Ltd EWE East West Energy Limited
03 Jan OFW Oilfield Workforce Group Limited JIP Jack-In Group Limited
03 Jan SOC Sovereign Gold Company Limited 4CE Force Commodities Limited
03 Jan BGD BGD Corporation Ltd ZNT Zenitas Healthcare Limited