View companies which have changed their name and/or ASX code during 2001.

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As of* Old details New details
28 Dec TLN Talon Resources NL   SUP Supersorb Environmental NL
21 Dec ANK Amlink Technologies Limited   ANK Amlink Group Limited
21 Dec TRD Third Rail Limited   SOU Southpointe Limited
19 Dec DAD Data Advantage Limited   BCA Baycorp Advantage Limited
18 Dec IBA IBA Technologies Limited   IBA IBA Health Limited
18 Dec DSW Deepsky Webmarket Limited   MRY Monteray Group Limited
17 Dec ESV eserv Limited   ESV eservglobal Limited
14 Dec MEN Marymia Exploration NL   RGL Revesco Group Limited
12 Dec HDR Hardman Resources NL   HDR Hardman Resources Limited
12 Dec TPX Tasmanian Trustees Limited   TPX Tasmanian Perpetual Trustees Limited
6 Dec EHY Limited   DES Destra Corporation Limited
5 Dec NLY Normandy Mt Leyshon Limited   LRL Leyshon Resources Limited
5 Dec SQS Shield Telecommunications Limited   AFM Afminex Limited
30 Nov FAN Fantastic Furniture Holdings Limited   FAN Fantastic Holdings Limited
29 Nov TOM Tomorrow Limited   MGP MEM Group Limited
27 Nov IAS International All Sports Limited   IAS Iasbet Limited
26 Nov BTB B2B.Net Technology Limited   AUH Australian Healthcare Technology Ltd
26 Nov QCC Queensland Capital Corporation Limited   TER Terrain Australia Limited
21 Nov ITL Internet Travel Group Limited   ITG ITG Limited
19 Nov MIA Medical Imaging Australasia Limited   MIA Mia Group Limited
19 Nov OPS OPSM Protector Limited   OPS OPSM Group Limited
15 Nov ISP ISP Limited   SML Synergy Metals Ltd
15 Nov LGO Longreach Gold Oil Limited   LGO Longreach Oil Limited
15 Nov MAX Maxilink Limited   ALR Aberdeen Leaders Limited
12 Nov QES Quaestus Limited   ASO Australian Silicon Limited
2 Nov OKN Oakton Computing Limited   OKN Oakton Limited
2 Nov SKC Sky City Limited   SKC Sky City Entertainment Group Limited
26 Oct BDF BridgeDFS Limited   IRE Iress Market Technology Limited
25 Oct ACC Access1 Limited   DID Didasko Limited
25 Oct IWL Investorweb Limited   IWL IWL Limited
19 Oct MXM Multimedia Limited   IMF Insolvency Management Fund Limited
15 Oct ELC Electrotech Holdings Limited   ELC Electrotech Investments Limited
5 Oct CHS Chaosmusic Limited   CHS Chaos Group Limited
1 Oct AKC Atkins Carlyle Limited   ALS Alesco Corporation Limited
28 Sep HZM Horizon Mining Limited   HZG Horizon Global Limited
28 Sep BIC Biron Corporation Limited   BIC Biron Capital Limited
26 Sep NGL Noall Group Limited   TNL Tolhurst Noall Group Ltd
19 Sep COP Copper Mines and Metals Limited   RML Rusina Mining Ltd
17 Sep DAR Darowa Corporation Limited   CLX CTI Logistics Limited
10 Sep BMC Limited   BMC BMCMedia Limited
7 Sep MTC Min-Tech 8 Limited   TLZ Telezon Limited
31 Aug OPT Optecom Limited   ABI Ambri Limited
31 Aug OTO 131 Limited   FOC Focus Technologies Limited
28 Aug SEE Seed Capital International Limited   SEE Sun Capital Group Limited
28 Aug TRT Tuart Resources NL   TRT Tuart Resources Limited
24 Aug WGC Wells Gold Corporation Limited   RIL Renewable Investments Limited
23 Aug MQL Medicine Quantale Limited   COO Cosmos Limited
20 Aug ADH Aerodata Holdings Limited   AQT Aliquot Asset Management Limited
20 Aug EIT Entity1 Limited   NXS Nexus Energy Limited
17 Aug APU Australian Platinum Mines NL   AEH Aerosonde Holdings Limited
15 Aug MUL Limited   MUL Multiemedia Limited
10 Aug  AVT Australian Vaccine Technologies Limited   AVT AVT Holdings Limited
10 Aug PRI Protel International Limited   ALU Altium Limited
8 Aug SAS SMS Management & Technology Limited   SMX SMS Management & Technology Limited
7 Aug BLI Biologic International Limited   CHH Cottee Health Limited
3 Aug PHX Phoenix Mining Limited   DMX Dolomatrix International Limited
2 Aug FIM Fimiston Resources & Technology Limited   XEL Xcell Diagnostics Limited
31 Jul GEC Gemstone Corporation of Australia Limited   ELX Ellex Medical Lasers Limited
20 Jul GOC Gocorp Limited   LAS Lasseters Corporation Limited
13 Jul AGS Alliance Gold Limited   AGS Alliance Energy Limited
11 Jul MCD Medical Care Services Limited   GGL Gribbles Group Limited (The)
10 Jul HLX Helix Resources NL   HLX Helix Resources Limited
6 Jul TLL Technology Licensing Limited   CPG Captech Group Limited
3 Jul FBG Foster's Brewing Group Limited   FGL Foster's Group Limited
3 Jul GTL Golden Triangle Resources NL   PMH Pacific Magnesium Corporation Limited
3 Jul HTE Hitec Energy NL   HTE Hitec Energy Limited
3 Jul SAS Sausage Software Limited   SAS SMS Management & Technology Limited
2 Jul AXP AXA Australia Diversified Property Trust   DDF Deutsche Diversified Trust
2 Jul EPH e.Phone Limited   ETT Electronic Transaction Technology Limited
2 Jul SME Suncorp-Metway Limited   SUN Suncorp-Metway Limited
29 Jun BHP BHP Limited   BHP BHP Billiton Limited
29 Jun PRR Prima Resources Limited   PRR Prima Biomed Ltd
29 Jun BNA Britannia Gold NL   SBP Solbec Pharmaceuticals Limited
28 Jun DEF Defiance Mining NL   MDM Medical Monitors Limited
26 Jun GRD Gold & Resource Developments NL   GRD GRD NL
22 Jun BII Biotech International Limited   AGX Agenix Limited
14 Jun EQL Equico Corporation Limited   AVA Aviva Corporation Limited
8 Jun LTC L-Tel Corporation Limited AGZ A.G.D Mining Limited
7 Jun KID Kidz.Net Limited IVK Investika Limited
6 Jun MDN Maiden Gold NL SBS Sub-Sahara Resources NL
6 Jun TPL Limited TPL Terraplanet Limited
5 Jun DOW Downer Group Limited DOW Downer EDI Limited
1 Jun BSC Bliss Corporation Limited INA Internova MCI Limited
1 Jun WSX Worldschool Limited TBC Tribecca Corporation Limited
28 May PSE Pacific Sports Entertainment Limited BBL Brisbane Broncos Limited
23 May CYB Cybonet Limited EQX Eqitx Limited
23 May CSA Crest Magnesium NL ICO Indcor Limited
16 May SMG Sumich Group Limited PSD pSivida Limited
11 May APU Australian Platinum Mines NL APU Australian Platinum Mines Limited
8 May AYO Amity Oil NL AYO Amity Oil Limited
7 May EXO Exodus Minerals Limited ACU Australian Cancer Technology Limited
27 Apr DAH David Garry Holdings Limited GAR Garrisons Accounting Group Limited
20 Apr CYB Limited CYB Cybonet Limited
17 Apr FFS Fletcher Challenge Limited FFS Fletcher Challenge Forests Limited
11 Apr NCE Norgard Clohessy Equity Limited YTL Yates Limited
9 Apr SOA Solace Limited GTA Global Technology Australasia Limited
3 Apr GGY Glengarry Resources NL GGY Glengarry Resources Limited
30 Mar CQT Conquest Mining NL CQT Conquest Mining Limited
26 Mar AHL Aboriginal Holdings Limited GOI Gowit Limited
22 Mar KUG Kurnalpi Gold NL RFS Rivkin Financial Services Limited
15 Mar DLS Drillsearch Energy NL DLS Drillsearch Energy Limited
15 Mar ITN Intag International Limited ITN Intercard Wireless Limited
7 Mar GDH Grimwood Davies Holdings Limited ATT Amnet Limited
7 Mar SPU Sales Pursuit Limited AZE Aztec Capital Limited
7 Mar ROX Rox Limited PPD Pan Palladium Ltd
1 Mar AJN Armstrong Jones Industrial Trust IIF ING Industrial Trust
28 Feb HBC Hellenic Bottling Company S.A CHB Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Company S.A
27 Feb MSD Masmindo Mining Corporation Limited CPE Cape Tel Limited
26 Feb AJP Armstrong Jones Office Group IOF ING Office Fund
26 Feb CMZ Coms21 Limited EGI eGlobal International Limited
26 Feb PTH PTH Group Limited TRG Treasury Group Limited
20 Feb ISE ISEC Limited HWG Hostworks Group Limited
14 Feb CUE Cue Energy Resources NL CUE Cue Energy Resources Limited
14 Feb SED Sedimentary Holdings NL SED Sedimentary Holdings Limited
7 Feb STA Sustainable Technologies Australia Limited HLT Healthpoint Technologies Limited
5 Feb GHM Golden Heritage Limited AXH Adex Holdings Limited
5 Feb INM Indian Mining Corporation Limited LTC L-Tel Corporation Limited 
5 Feb RFR Redfire Resources Limited CBH Consolidated Broken Hill Ltd
2 Feb GVM Golden Valley Mines NL GVM Golden Valley Mines Limited
31 Jan KRZ Kalrez Energy Limited KRZ Kalrez Energy Limited
31 Jan UCR United Group Limited UGL United Group Limited
31 Jan ODD Oddsoft Limited ODD Oddsoft Ltd
29 Jan ADN Adelaide Resources NL ADN Adelaide Resources Limited
29 Jan CBC China Broadband Corporation Limited CBC China Convergent Corporation Limited
23 Jan COG Coolgardie Gold NL SMA SmartTrans Holdings Ltd
22 Jan ION Iron Carbide Australia Limited ION ION Limited
22 Jan RFM Reef Mining NL ICP International Concert Attractions Limited
19 Jan YDR Yardarino Mining Limited YDR Yardarino Limited
18 Jan MNG Minotaur Gold NL MNG Minotaur Gold Limited
17 Jan GAW Gawler Gold & Mineral Exploration Limited AUR Australon Limited
16 Jan PHD Pharmaction Holdings Limited EIF Eiffel Technologies Limited
8 Jan AEG Adelong Capital Limited ORC Orchid Capital Limited
8 Jan SDI Southern Dental Industries Limited SDI SDI Limited
5 Jan CIT Commercial Investment Trust DOT Deutsche Office Trust
5 Jan IIT Industrial Investment Trust DIT Deutsche Industrial Trust
5 Jan HBN Huntley's Business Network Limited HBN Huntleys' Business Network Limited