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As of* Old details New details
30 Dec  TBL  3D Global Limited    GXG  Green X Global Limited
30 Dec  DRD  Durban Roodepoort Deep Limited    DRD DRDGOLD Limited
30 Dec  GDP  Gradipore Limited    LFE  Life Therapeutics Limited 
24 Dec  EGI  EGlobal International Limited    SXC  Securix Corporation Limited 
24 Dec  DSG  DSG Australia Ltd    JVG  JV Global Limited 
23 Dec  KET  Key 2 Limited    PAD  Plantard Ltd 
23 Dec  MBX  MBox.Com Limited    VPH  Virtualplus Holdings Limited 
22 Dec  GRD   GRD NL   GRD  GRD Limited 
21 Dec  MAQ  Macquarie Corporate Telecommunications Holdings Limited    MAQ  Macquarie Telecom Group Limited 
21 Dec  ACF  Acumen Capital Property Securities Fund    MPF  Multiplex Acumen Property Fund 
17 Dec  SES  Solar Energy Systems Ltd    SOO  Solco Ltd 
17 Dec  MXA  Maxe-Tec Australia Ltd    LVL  LV Living Limited 
17 Dec  GVM  Golden Valley Mines Limited    GVM  GVM Metals Limited 
17 Dec FCO  Farsands Corporation Limited    FCO  Farsands Solutions Limited 
15 Dec  QVL  Q-vis Limited    SAH  Salus Technologies Ltd 
15 Dec  LEL  Lion Equities Limited    JGL  Jackgreen Limited 
15 Dec  EBG  Eumundi Brewing Group Limited    EBG  Eumundi Group Limited 
14 Dec  HLL  Hillcrest Resources Limited    HLL  Hillcrest Litigation Services Limited 
13 Dec  UNI  Unitract Limited    UNI  Unilife Medical Solutions Limited 
9 Dec  ORT  Organic Resource Technology Limited    ORT  ORT Limited 
8 Dec  EWL  Entertainment World Limited    CXE  Celtex Limited 
7 Dec  MIW  Midware Limited    AFS  Affiance Group Limited 
7 Dec  STN  Southern Titanium NL    AZC  Australian Zircon NL 
7 Dec  ICO  Indcor Limited    AAE  Australian Ethanol Limited 
6 Dec  RLD  Relode Limited    IGR  Integra Mining Limited 
6 Dec  TIL  Tiger International Limited    MPA  Marine Produce Australia Limited 
2 Dec  AFM  Afminex Limited    CIG  Caspian Oil & Gas Limited 
2 Dec  NWS  News Corporation, Inc    NWS  News Corporation 
2 Dec  DKN  Deakin Financial Services Group Limited    DKN  DKN Financial Group Limited 
30 Nov  RPH  Ronin Property Group    ONX  Onyx Property Group 
29 Nov  AYO  Amity Oil Limited    AZZ  Antares Energy Limited 
29 Nov  PPR  Penfold Buscombe Limited    PPR  Promentum Limited 
26 Nov  WOR  Worley Group Limited    WOR  WorleyParsons Limited 
26 Nov  EHO  Echo Technologies Limited    PAA  Pharmaust Limited 
25 Nov  AEY  Australian Energy Income Fund    AEY  Australian Onshore Energy Fund 
24 Nov  HEI  Heat Exchangers International Limited    LAB  Labtam Limited 
19 Nov ATL  Auto Enterprises Limited    BRT  Brainytoys Limited 
12 Nov  SKE  Skilled Engineering Limited    SKE  Skilled Group Limited
2 Nov  FTR  FTR Holdings Limited    WCG  Webcentral Group Limited
1 Nov  OEC  Orbital Engine Corporation Limited    OEC  Orbital Corporation Limited 
29 Oct  ARO  Astro Mining N.L.   ARO  Astro Diamond Mines N.L
28 Oct  NPS  Newhaven Park Stud Limited    NHH  Newhaven Hotels Limited 
21 Oct  ASK  Amskan Limited    SXO  Saxon Investment Group Limited 
15 Oct  GRN  Gravity Capital Limited    GRN  Gravity Diamonds Limited 
14 Oct  QTI  Queensland Tourism Industries Limited    QTI  Queensland Trustees and Investment Limited 
14 Oct  PRX  Prime Retail Group    CNP  Centro Properties Group 
14 Oct  PEP  Peplin Biotech Limited    PEP  Peplin Limited 
14 Oct  IPS  IncomePlus Limited    GLI  GoldLink IncomePlus Limited 
5 Oct  AVN  Avon Resources Ltd    CUO  CopperCo Limited 
20 Sep  AVT  AVT Holdings Limited    AVT  AVT Bioplasma Limited 
7 Sep  RGL  Revesco Group Limited    COZ CO2 Group Limited 
2 Sep  PIL  Pilbara Mines Limited    JML  Jabiru Metals Limited 
31 Aug  BDG  Bendigo Mining NL    BDG  Bendigo Mining Limited 
31 Aug  JWM  Johnson's Well Mining NL    RRL  Regis Resources NL 
31 Aug  GKR  Gutnick Resources NL    GNL  Great Gold Mines NL 
27 Aug  UCL  Union Capital Limited    UCL  Union Resources Limited 
27 Aug  WAV  Wave Capital Limited    RIV  Riversdale Mining Limited 
20 Aug  REV  Revenir Limited    BNE  Bone Medical Limited 
12 Aug  PCI  Pacific International Limited    BLE  Blue Ensign Technologies Limited
9 Aug  SOT  SP Telecommunications Limited    SOT SP Telemedia Limited
6 Aug  DCL  Data & Commerce Limited    PNW  Pacific Star Network Limited 
6 Aug  PLX  Plexus International Limited    CTF  Citrofresh International Limited 
5 Aug  AZL  Anzoil NL    NEO  Nuenco NL 
5 Aug  ETT  Electronic Transaction Technology Limited    ETT ETT Limited
30 Jul  NAI  Natural Intelligence Limited    CMO  Commoditel Limited 
28 Jul  WSG  Westel Group Limited    ICC  IC2 Global Limited 
26 Jul  MHL  Metabolism Health Limited    MHL  M Health Limited 
20 Jul  MCA  Medica Holdings Limited    CYT  Cytopia Limited 
12 Jul  ADM  Auridiam Limited   AVP  Acuron Limited 
8 Jul  JBK  Jumbuck Corporation Limited    QXQ  Q Limited 
6 Jul  HLM  Hallmark Consolidated Limited    TNG  Tennant Creek Gold Limited 
5 Jul  SWT  Swiftel Limited    PEO People Telecom Limited 
2 Jul  BWI  The Beston Wine Industry Trust    CWT  Challenger Beston Wine Trust 
1 Jul  ZEL  Zeolite Australia Limited   EVZ  Envirozel Limited
29 Jun  AGT  AGT Biosciences Ltd    CXS  ChemGenex Pharmaceuticals Ltd 
23 Jun  DPL  The Daily Planet Limited    PPN Planet Platinum Limited 
22 June HBR Harbour Capital Limited    MTX Metals Exploration Limited
22 Jun   MPY MFS Hotel Property Trust    MPY  MFS Living and Leisure Group 
16 Jun MFS MFS Leveraged Investments and Securities Trust   MFS MFS Leveraged Investment Group
15 Jun  AXL Aurex Consolidated Limited   TEA Terra Gold Mining Ltd
11 Jun ATC Advantage Telecommunications Limited   CGI Consolidated Global Investments limited
7 Jun AOO Apollo Gold Mining Limited    CRE Crescent Gold Limited

4 Jun


Kanowna Consolidated Gold Mines Limited



Andean Resources Limited

1 Jun CSI Concept Systems International Limited TWO Talent2 International Limited
24 May HJB HJ&B Group Limited HJB Hamilton James & Bruce Group Limited
19 May HGO Hillgrove Gold Limited HGO Hillgrove Resources Limited
19 May OBJ Objectif Telecommunications Limited OBJ OBJ Limited
18 May SOU Southpointe Limited XBL Xceed Biotechnology Ltd
17 May SSB Salomon Smith Barney Australia Financial Products SSB Citigroup Global Markets Australia Financial Products Limited
12 May KLS Kanowna Lights Limited PEN Peninsula Minerals Limited
10 May WHTMOS Wilson HTM Overseas Share Fund GGU GEC Global Fund
30 Apr AGG Anglogold Limited AGG Anglogold Ashanti Limited
20 Apr RML Rusina Mining Ltd RML Rusina Mining NL
28 Apr BUU Bambuu Limited   KDS Kids Campus Limited
22 Apr SVP Servicepoint Limited ATZ Allied Technologies Group Limited
21 Apr SPL Starpharma Pooled Development Limited SPL Starpharma Holdings Limited
19 Apr TNY Tennyson Networks Limited FUS Fusia Limited
5 Apr CTC CTI Communications BOS Biosignal Limited
2 Apr AIS AIS Corporation Limited ALW Alphawest Limited
31 Mar AXH Adex Holdings Limited INI Internickel Limited
29 Mar IMW Insurance My Way Limited WAS Wasabi Energy Limited
24 Mar RNG Range River Gold NL RNG Range River Gold Limited
23 Mar BEL Bentley Equities Limited BEL Bentley International Limited
23 Mar IAS IASBet Limited IAS International All Sports Limited
19 Mar WIF Wine Investment Fund Limited AIY  Authorised Investment Fund Limited
19 Mar DNI Digital Now, Inc LMS Luminus Systems Limited
18 Mar EIR Equity 1 Resources NL ADY Admiralty Resources NL
17 Mar QTL Quadtel Limited WYT Wytomic Limited
12 Mar PSL Panaseer Limited TCN Technice Limited
11 Mar PNO Pharmanet Online Limited PNO Pharmanet Group Limited
11 Mar TBC Tribeca Corporation Limited TBC Tribeca Learning Limited
5 Mar TAI Taipan Resources NL NMC Nustar Mining Corporation Limited
1 Mar FFS Fletcher Challenge Forests Limited TNN Tenon Limited
17 Feb WON West Oil NL STI Stirling Products Limited
16 Feb SRI Sipa Resources International NL SRI Sipa Resources Limited
13 Feb AMF Asia Multi-Foods & Oils (Australia) Ltd RWD Reward Minerals Ltd
13 Feb WBZ Weboz Limited NIC Nicu Metals Limited
12 Feb CBH Consolidated Broken Hill Ltd CBH CBH Resources Limited
10 Feb VIT Vital Capital Limited POH Phosphagenics Limited
6 Feb HZN Horizon Oil NL HZN Horizon Oil Limited
4 Feb INF Infosentials Limited TTI Traffic Technologies Ltd
2 Feb MPO Molopo Australia NL MPO Molopo Australia Limited
30 Jan ATX Austminex NL ATX  Austminex Limited
29 Jan GAR Garrisons Accounting Group Ltd STR Service Stream Ltd
27 Jan ARQ ARC Energy NL ARQ ARC Energy Limited
22 Jan NAU Nautilus Australia Limited MDV Medivac Limited
22 Jan AQT Aliquot Asset Management Limited REV Revenir Limited
21 Jan EQS Equs Limited MTO Moto Goldmines Ltd
16 Jan FIL Fashion Intimates Limited LDR Lach Drummond Resources Ltd
16 Jan ASO Australian Silicon Limited BMO BMA Gold Limited
16 Jan AHH Agro Holdings Limited YML Yilgarn Mining Limited
14 Jan CED CED Australasia Limited TZL TZ Limited

*as at commencement of trading on that day

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