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As of* Old details New details
28 Dec XBL  Xceed Biotechnology Ltd  XBL  Xceed Capital Limited
27 Dec OCO  Oriel Communications Limited  FCP  FCPB Investments Limited
24 Dec PMA  Precious Metals Australia Limited  WVL  Windimurra Vanadium Limited
24 Dec SLD  Shieldliner Limited  VTX  Vortex Pipes Limited
24 Dec CME  Centralian Minerals Limited  FSE  Firestone Energy Limited
24 Dec AIE  A.I. Limited  AIE  Autodom Limited
21 Dec WSS  Working Systems Solutions Limited  GLH  Global Health Limited
20 Dec SIU  Sirius Telecommunications Limited  SIU  Sirius Corporation Limited
20 Dec HCY  Halcyon Group Limited  NIO  Nickelore Limited
20 Dec AUX  Ausron Limited  RFL  Rubik Financial Limited
19 Dec HGR  Harrington Group Limited  SBN  Sun Biomedical Limited
18 Dec URO  Uranoz Limited  PAX  Panax Geothermal Limited
17 Dec IBA  IBA Health Limited  IBA  IBA Health Group Limited
17 Dec TDR  Toodyay Resources Limited  LSA  Lachlan Star Limited
14 Dec PRT  Prime Television Limited  PRT  Prime Media Group Limited
13 Dec KZL  Kagara Zinc Ltd  KZL  Kagara Ltd
13 Dec AVS Avastra Limited  AVS  Avastra Sleep Centres Limited
12 Dec TRJ  Trajan Minerals Limited  PSF  Pacific Ore Limited
12 Dec JUM  Jumbo Corporation Limited  MNL  Manaccom Corporation Limited
11 Dec GDM  Goldstream Mining NL IXR  IMX Resources NL
11 Dec THK  Tomahawk Energy Limited  KTE  K2 Energy Limited
10 Dec PBL  Consolidated Media Holdings Limited CMJ  Consolidated Media Holdings Limited
6 Dec ADS  ADV Group Limited  CGG  Citadel Resource Group Limited
5 Dec TTS  Tattersall's Limited  TTS  Tatts Group Limited
5 Dec MWS  MDSNews Limited  MWS  MDS Financial Group Limited
5 Dec CND  Candle Australia Limited  CND  Clarius Group Limited
4 Dec GVM  GVM Metals Limited  CZA  Coal of Africa Limited
4 Dec WRF  WRF Securities Limited  VIE  Viento Group Limited
4 Dec JAK  Jackson Gold Limited  JAK  Jackson Minerals Limited
3 Dec PBL  Publishing & Broadcasting Limited  PBL  Consolidated Media Holdings Limited
3 Dec MBR  Mariner Bridge Investments Limited  KBC  KeyBridge Capital Limited
3 Dec WLS  Wilson Leaders Limited  ALF  Australian Leaders Fund Limited
28 Nov SGV  Simon Gilbert Wines Limited  PHW  Prince Hill Wines Limited
27 Nov PDN  Paladin Resources Limited  PDN  Paladin Energy Ltd
22 Nov IDT  Institute of Drug Technology Australia Limited  IDT  IDT Australia Limited
22 Nov ICE  Ice Corporation Limited  RFT  Rectifier Technologies Ltd
21 Nov IBT  IBT Education Limited  NVT  Navitas Limited
21 Nov CMO  Commoditel Limited  CMO  Comtel Corporation Limited
20 Nov YML  Yilgarn Mining Limited  BRM  Brockman Resources Limited
16 Nov MGK  Magnesium International Limited  MGK  MIL Resources Limited
15 Nov VLL  Village Life Ltd  FTD  Fig Tree Developments Ltd
14 Nov IML  IMD Group Limited  BMI   BMDI International Limited
14 Nov CNF  Continental Goldfields Limited  CNF  Continental Capital Limited
12 Nov PTD  Peptech Limited  AAH  Arana Therapeutics Limited
7 Nov HLD  Home Leisure Limited  HLD  Headline Group Limited
5 Nov SAF  Safe Effect Technologies Limited  ABV  Advanced Braking Technology Limited
1 Nov NDM  Nare Diamonds Limited  LOM  Lonrho Mining Limited
26 Oct XEN  Xenolith Gold Limited  XEN  Xenolith Resources Limited
28 Sep LPL  Livingstone Petroleum Limited SGY  Solimar Energy Limited
26 Sep HBO  HBOS Treasury Services Plc  BNS  Bank of Scotland Plc
19 Sep ICP  International Concert Attractions Limited  ICP  iCash Payment Systems Limited
12 Sep MDM  Medical Monitors Limited  SVC  Shell Villages and Resorts Limited
11 Sep YGL  Yilgarn Gold Limited  KIK  Kairiki Energy Limited
31 Aug HLI  Hailian International Limited  HLI  HLI Limited
30 Aug WSP  White Sands Petroleum Limited  MRK  Maverick Drilling International Ltd
23 Aug EXS  Exco Resources NL  EXS  Exco Resources Limited 
22 Aug ECH  Echelon Resources Limited  FSN  Fusion Resources Limited
14 Aug PLF  Primelife Corporation Limited BBC  Babcock & Brown Communities Group
9 Aug GGG  Gold Company Limited (The)  GGG  Greenland Minerals and Energy Limited
7 Aug RUS  Ruskin Industries Limited  EPL  Eyecare Partners Limited
25 Jul AVP  Acuron Limited  GCG  Greencap Limited
25 Jul NIA  Niagara Mining Limited  POS  Poseidon Nickel Limited
19 Jul APV  Access Providers Limited  CVA  Clever Communications Australia Limited
18 Jul MXX  Minsec (BVI) Limited  MXX  Mineral Securities Limited
10 Jul EZY  Easycall International Limited  CEH  China Education Limited
9 Jul NHM  New Holland Mining Limited  NGY  NuEnergy Capital Limited 
5 Jul MGQ  Macquarie Goodman Group  GMG  Goodman Group
4 Jul LBY  Liberty Gold NL  LBY  Liberty Resources NL
3 Jul ALK  Alkane Exploration Limited  ALK  Alkane Resources Limited
29 Jun SCX  Southern Cross Exploration N.L  SXX  Southern Cross Exploration N.L
29 Jun AOI  Alto Energy International Limited  GGE  Grand Gulf Energy Limited
26 Jun  CTS  Contact Resources Ltd CTS Contact Uranium Limited
25 Jun BIX  Biometrics Limited  PHG  Pulse Health Limited
18 Jun NMB  Namberry Limited  LIC  Lifestyle Communities Limited
14 Jun TNG  Tennant Creek Gold Limited  TNG  TNG Limited
13 Jun TFE  Territory Iron Limited  TTY  Territory Resources Limited
8 Jun TNL  Tolhurst Noall Group Limited  TNL  Tolhurst Group Limited
4 Jun LHG  Lihir Gold Limited  LGL  Lihir Gold Limited
28 May PBI  Premier Bionics Limited  MVH  Medic Vision Limited
18 May GSA  Galileo Shopping America Trust  CSF  Centro Shopping America Trust
15 May EIV  Energy Investments Limited  BUL  Blue Energy Limited
15 May EMI  Emitch Limited  MCU  Mitchell Communication Group Limited
14 May SLF  Streettracks S&P/ASX 200
Listed Property Fund 
SLF  SPDR S&P/ASX 200 Listed Property Fund
14 May STW  Streettracks S&P/ASX 200 Fund  STW  SPDR S&P/ASX 200 Fund 
14 May SFY  Streettracks S&P/ASX 50 Fund  SFY SPDR S&P/ASX 50 Fund
14 May PDM  Paradigm Gold Limited  PDM  Paradigm Metals Limited
7 May TMO  Tomato Technologies Limited AAS  Asian Pacific Limited
30 Apr GIL  Gregory Australia Limited IVT  Inventis Limited
30 Apr PUR  Purus Energy Limited FAC  Facilitate Digital Holdings Limited
26 Apr OPC  Optima Corporation Limited VMT  Vmoto Limited
23 Apr TSR  TechStar Limited PEV  Pacific Enviromin Limited
19 Apr MHL  Monitor Holdings Limited MHL  Monitor Energy Limited
19 Apr CYN  Cygenics Ltd CBB  Cordlife Limited
16 Apr FRI  Finbar International Limited  FRI  Finbar Group Limited
11 Apr ILF  ING Real Estate Community Living Fund Group ILF  ING Real Estate Community Living Group 
2 Apr PGL  Progen Industries Limited PGL  Progen Pharmaceuticals Limited
2 Apr RAB  Rabinov Diversified Property Trust RAB  ANZ Rabinov Property Trust  
2 Apr ARU  Arafura Resources NL ARU  Arafura Resources Limited
CHQ  Chiquita Brands South Pacific Limited CHQ  CostaExchange Ltd
22 Mar  DWY  Dwyka Diamonds Limited DWY  Dwyka Resources Limited
6 Mar GTP Great Southern Plantations Limited GTP  Great Southern Limited
5 Mar  MAF Multiplex Acumen Prime Property Fund MAF  Multiplex Prime Property Fund
2 Mar SGX  Sino Gold Limited SGX  Sino Gold Mining Limited
26 Feb  DRA  Dragon Mining NL DRA  Dragon Mining Limited
20 Feb  JFM  JF Meridian Trust  MRZ  Mirvac Real Estate Investment Trust
16 Feb DVM Digital and Voice Media Limited DVM  DVM International Limited
16 Feb  RTM Reefton Mining NL MAN Magna Mining NL
16 Feb PCE Pinnacle VRB Limited CXY  Cougar Energy Limited
16 Feb ATZ Allied Technologies Group Limited  LRG  Longreach Group Limited
6 Feb  SNF  So Natural Foods Australia Limited FNP Freedom Nutritional Products Limited
1 Feb BSA Broadcast Services Australia Limited BSA  BSA Limited
1 Feb  TVN TVSN Limited TVN  TVN Corporation Limited
25 Jan  AAE  Australian Ethanol Limited AAE  Agri Energy Limited
24 Jan MEO  Methanol Australia Limited MEO MEO Australia Limited
23 Jan DRN  Diamond Rose NL AGD Austral Gold Limited
19 Jan HLT  HLT Limited ULT  Ultrapay Limited
17 Jan GEP General Publishers Limited NHD 900 Degrees Limited
17 Jan FXJ Fairfax (John) Holdings Limited FXJ Fairfax Media Limited
12 Jan TPG Taragon Property Fund CJT  CVC Trinity Property Fund
11 Jan QAD Quadrant Iridium Limited  FUL  Fulcrum Equity Limited
11 Jan TST Trysoft Corporation Limited  RCA  Raw Capital Partners Limited
10 Jan TCI Total Communications Infrastructure Limited  SSM  Service Stream Limited
9 Jan BTX  Bluestone Tin Limited MLX  Metals X Limited
8 Jan AVU  AVFM Ltd PFG Prime Financial Group Limited
8 Jan NKL  Nickel Australia Limited AZS  Azure Minerals Limited
4 Jan ILF ING Real Estate Community Living Fund ILF ING Real Estate Community Living Fund Group
4 Jan WAG  WorldAudio Limited WAG  WAG Limited
4 Jan RCG Retail Cube Limited RCG  RCG Corporation Limited

*as at commencement of trading on that day

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