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As of* Old details New details
31 Dec BVE Bellevue Resources Limited MII Meridian Minerals Limited
23 Dec LPM Loop Mobile Limited MKB Limited
22 Dec IXR IMX Resources NL IXR IMX Resources Limited
19 Dec SYN ST Synergy Limited PSY Panorama Synergy Ltd
18 Dec AIM AIM Resources Limited BTR Blackthorn Resources Limited
16 Dec IIG Integrated Investment Group Limited IRG Integrated Resources Group Limited
15 Dec APM Australian Institute of Property Management Limited VES Vesture Limited
12 Dec REA Limited REA REA Group Ltd
12 Dec NOA Noah Resources NL NCO Namibian Copper NL
12 Dec CTS Contact Uranium Limited RMR Ram Resources Limited
11 Dec RVM Revere Mining Limited ENT Enterprise Metals Limited
10 Dec BNT Bounty Industries Limited BNT Bounty Mining Ltd
09 Dec UOG Uranium Oil & Gas Limited UOG United Orogen Limited
08 Dec NEO Nuenco NL QPN Quest Petroleum NL
08 Dec SVN Senevens International Limited ECQEco Quest Limited
05 Dec DSF Deep Sea Fisheries Limited DSF DSF International Holdings Limited
05 Dec BQT BQT Solutions Limited FCS 4C Security Solutions Limited
05 Dec ANX Anadis Limited IMC Immuron Limited
05 Dec SBP Solbec Pharmaceuticals Ltd FYI Freedom Eye Ltd
05 Dec ACU Avantogen Limited ACU Acuvax Limited
03 Dec ICC IC2 Global Limited QNL Quest Minerals Limited
03 Dec ICD Impact Capital Limited AKF Ask Funding Limited
03 Dec NHD 900 Degrees Limited COJ Commstrat Limited
03 Dec MKY MKY Corporation Limited MKYMKY Resources Ltd
03 Dec BNL Balkans Gold Limited IRHInternational Resource Holdings Limited
01 Dec PAU Panaegis Gold Mines Ltd NAG Nagambie Mining Limited
01 Dec GLX GulfX Limited SYS Syngas Limited
01 Dec TSV Transerv Australia Limited TSV Transerv Energy Limited
28 Nov MUR Murchison United NL FTE Forte Energy NL
26 Nov SGM Sims Group Limited SGM Sims Metal Management Limited
25 Nov BLS Biolayer Corporation Limited ADO Anteo Diagnostics Limited
25 Nov HWI Housewares International Limited BRGBreville Group Limited
24 Nov PRZ Primary Resources Limited STZ Strzelecki Metals Limited
24 Nov MRA Mariner American Property Income Trust RCU Real Estate Capital Partners USA Property Trust
19 Nov PXL Proteome Systems Limited TDX Tyrian Diagnostics Limited
19 Nov AEZ APN/UKA European Retail Property Group AEZAPN European Retail Property Group
17 Nov MSN Mineral Sands Limited COV Corvette Resources Limited
11 Nov AHS Atlas Group Holdings Limited BIS Bisalloy Steel Group Ltd
7 Nov STP SteriCorp Limited STP SteriHealth Limited
6 Nov CMG Chandler Macleod Limited CMG Chandler Macleod Group Limited
23 Oct MRK Maverick Drilling International Limited MRK Maverick Energy Limited
16 Oct BKR Becker Group Limited BKR Broadcast Production Services Limited
8 Oct CJT CVC Trinity Property Fund CJT CVC Property Fund
7 Oct CRM Carbon Minerals NL CRM Carbon Minerals Limited
2 Oct ABI Ambri Limited DVA Diversa Limited
2 Oct AUQ Alara Uranium Limited AUQ Alara Resources Limited
3 Oct EPE Enterprise Energy Limited BND Bandanna Energy Limited
10 Sep CDS Comdek Limited RES Resource Generation Limited
3 Sep WEZ Westonia Mines Limited CAH Catalpa Resources Limited
18 Aug EQX EQiTX Limited EQX Equatorial Coal Limited
11 Aug CMR Compass Resources NL CMR Compass Resources Limited
11 Aug CAS Crusader Holdings NL CAS Crusader Resources Limited
8 Aug HFC Hawk Resources Limited NSE New Standard Energy Limited
8 Aug MBT Mission Biofuels Limited MBT Mission Newenergy Limited
8 Aug RAB ANZ Rabinov Property Trust ARN Australian Commercial Property Trust
31 Jul RSL Retail Star Limited RSL Resource Star Limited
29 Jul GLO Global Approach Limited TYS TEYS Limited
28 Jul EBR Eagle Bay Resources NL SER Strategic Energy Resources Limited
23 Jul ANO Advanced Nanotechnology Limited ANO Antaria Limited
23 Jul OXR Oxiana Limited OZL OZ Minerals Limited
16 Jul MEE Metex Resources Limited CNX Carbon Energy Limited
14 Jul MXL MXL Limited ESN Entellect Solutions Limited
11 Jul ARX Austindo Resources Corporation NL ARX Arc Exploration Limited
7 Jul ATG Austin Group Limited MCB Mercury Brands Limited
7 Jul GAA Genepharm Australasia Limited APH Ascent Pharmahealth Ltd
7 Jul PRW Proto Resources & Investments Limited PRW Proto Resources & Investments Ltd
2 Jul ANU Aconcagua Resources Limited SAY South American Iron & Steel Corporation Limited
2 Jul WST Westralia Property Trust AGJ Agricultural Land Trust
30 Jun WHN Wind Hydrogen Limited WHN WHL Energy Limited
27 Jun ETW Evans & Tate Limited ETW ETW Corporation Limited
26 Jun CCE Clinical Cell Culture Limited AVH Avita Medical Ltd
23 Jun GBE Globe Uranium Limited GBE Globe Metals & Mining Limited
18 Jun AWS ADG Global Supply Limited ADQ ADG Global Supply Limited
16 Jun SMY Sally Malay Mining Limited PAN Panoramic Resources Limited
12 Jun CTF Citrofresh International Limited PGC Paragon Care Limited
12 Jun NWK Network Limited OOH OOHMedia Group Limited
5 Jun IVK Investika Limited NSN Natasa Mining Ltd
4 Jun CCO Circlecom Limited WTG Wintech Group Limited
4 Jun CCS Concept Sports Limited BSI Beyond Sportswear International Limited
29 May AWG Austral Waste Group Limited TTA TTA Holdings Limited
29 May FDL Flinders Diamonds Limited FMS Flinders Mines Limited
27 May PNA Pan Australian Resources Limited PNA Panaust Limited
26 May AWS Australian Waterwise Solutions Limited AWS ADG Global Supply Limited
23 May RTL Ritract Limited RTL RTL Corporation Limited
15 May TPL Terraplanet Limited TPL TPL Corporation Limited
12 May SBL Signature Brands Limited SBL Signature Metals Limited
7 May BRC Brain Resource Company Limited (The) BRC Brain Resource Limited
7 May GLC GoldLink GrowthPlus Limited EQF Equities and Freeholds Limited
5 May CHD Chandler Macleod Limited CMG Chandler Macleod Limited
2 May BMI BMDI International Limited BMI BMDi TUTA Limited
22 Apr WDS Walter Diversified Services Limited WDS WDS Limited
22 Apr CAA Capral Aluminium Limited CAACapral Limited
16 Apr FZN Fone Zone Group Limited VTG Vita Group Limited
16 Apr MRB Marginbet Limited FTN Fortuna Minerals Limited
14 Apr BCF Blue Chip Financial Solutions Limited NOC Northern Crest Investments Limited
8 Apr BEN Bendigo Bank Limited BEN Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited
3 Apr MPY MFS Living and Leisure Group LLA Living and Leisure Australia Group
3 Apr GWV Global Wine Ventures Limited BNV Brand New Vintage Limited
3 Apr GNL Great Gold Mines N.L HAW Hawthorn Resources Limited
2 Apr MFT MFS Diversified Group GPM GEO Property Group
1 Apr MFS MFS Limited OCV Octaviar Limited
28 Mar HRD HarvestRoad Limited GUI Guilford Investments Limited
14 Mar WTE Wedgetail Mining Limited MOY Millennium Minerals Limited
12 Mar BVP Bushveld Platinum Ltd AGQ Australian Motor Finance Group Limited
7 Mar PKT Pocketmail Group Limited ADD Adavale Resources Limited
29 Feb EIF Eiffel Technologies Limited TEO Telesso Technologies Limited
25 Feb DRT DB RREEF Trust DXS DEXUS Property Group
14 Feb FRL Financial Resources Limited QSS Questus Limited
14 Feb MGW McGuigan Simeon Wines Limited AVG Australian Vintage Ltd
8 Feb INR India NRE Minerals Limited GNM Gujarat NRE Minerals Limited
4 Feb EPE Enterprise Energy NL EPE Enterprise Energy Limited
4 Feb XBL Xceed Capital Limited XCD Xceed Capital Limited
31 Jan NWA New World Alloys Limited AAF Austral Africa Resources Limited
30 Jan GML Gateway Mining NL GMLGateway Mining Limited
29 Jan CVS Cervantes Seafood Limited CVS Cervantes Corporation Limited
25 Jan WGR Westgold Resources NL WGR Westgold Resources Limited
24 Jan RRL Regis Resources NL RRLRegis Resources Limited
23 Jan AOE Arrow Energy NL AOE Arrow Energy Limited
23 Jan MAA Medec Limited ATWATOS Wellness Ltd
21 Jan LBY Liberty Resources NL LBY Liberty Resources Limited
16 Jan RHG Rams Home Loans Group Limited RHG RHG Limited
3 Jan FIC First Capital Group Limited RKSRockstead Financial Services Limited

*as at commencement of trading on that day

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