Israeli based companies listed on ASX

Many Israeli based companies have chosen to list on the ASX in order to diversify their access to capital and take advantage of the superior liquidity offered by the ASX market.

More information is available at Listing on ASX.

Ticker Company Name
AKP Audio Pixel Holdings Limited
APV AppsVillage Australia Limited
CPH Creso Pharma
DTS Dragontail
DTZ Dotz Nano
ELS Elsight Limited
ESE Esense-Lab Ltd
FLC Fluence Corporation
GMV G Medical Innovations
HMD Heramed Limited
MMJ MMJ Phytotech Limited
MOB Mobilicom
MXC MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd
PRZ Parazero Limited
ROO Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Ltd
SAS Sky And Space Global
SBW Shekel Brainweigh Limited
SMX Security Matters Ltd
SPT Splitit Payments Ltd
UTR Ultracharge
WBT Weebit Nano Ltd

The above list includes companies that are incorporated or have a main place of operations in Israel.

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