SMSF calculators

ASX has engaged Vanguard to provide a range of tools that help you determine how much retirement savings you will need and how different investmetn classes have performed over time.

Retirement calculator

Screengrab of retirement calculatorAllows super investors the ability to see how different strategies including salary sacrifice, after tax contributions and investment earnings in retirement will project on their future retirement income. The calculator can also help model the transition into retirement.
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Index chart calculator

Screengrab of index chart calculatorOffers a 40 year performance history of the Australian share market. Investors can model various portfolios to view how different investments in the share market may have performed. This tool also gives investors an insight into market volatility charting dips and recoveries over time.
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Asset class calculator

Screengrab of asset class calculatorAllows you to chart the performance of major asset classes over the last two decades. Investors can use it to help plan their optimal portfolio by giving an indication of average, minimum and maximum returns to get a realistic view of historical asset class returns.
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