Upcoming floats and listings

Company Proposed ASX code * Proposed listing date/time
Althea Group Holdings Limited AGH 21 September 2018 11:00 AM AEST #
AMD Resources Limited ADM Application Withdrawn
archTIS Limited AR9 21 September 2018 12:00 PM AEST ##
Awati Resources Limited AWA Application Withdrawn
Caprice Resources Ltd CRS 9 October 2018
China Track Limited CTC TBA
Cowan Lithium Limited COW 08 October 2018
Euro Manganese Inc EMN 1 October 2018 #
GeoCrystal Limited GDC Application Withdrawn
Golden State Mining Limited GSM 12 October 2018
Heartland Group Holdings Limited HGH 31 October 2018 ##
identitii Limited ID8 19 September 2018
International Cobalt Resources Limited ICR 22 October 2018
Jobstore Group Ltd. JOB 5 December 2018 #
Moho Resources NL MOH 28 September 2018
Montem Resources Limited MR1 27 September 2018
Nanoveu Limited NVU 1 November 2018 ##
NB Global Corporate Income Trust NBI 26 September 2018 #
Nice-Vend Ltd NVD 2 October 2018 #
Nicheliving Holdings Ltd NLH TBA
Norwest Minerals Limited NWM 29 October 2018 #
PINCHme.com Inc. PIN 16 October 2018
Piston Machinery Ltd PZM TBA
QEM Limited QEM 20 September 2018 ##
Raptor Resources Limited RPL TBA
Rongyu Pharmaceuticals Limited RY8 TBA
Secure2Go Group Limited S2G TBA
Security Matters Limited SMX 18 September 2018
Shekel Brainweight Ltd SBW 26 October 2018
Stealth Global Holdings Ltd SGI 19 September 2018 ##
Stirfire Limited SFS Application Withdrawn
Tribeca Global Natural Resources Limited TGF 12 October 2018
Trigg Mining Ltd TMG TBA
Universal Biosecurity Limited UBL Application Withdrawn
Vintage Energy Ltd VEN 17 September 2018, 11:00 AM AEST ##
Xs Resources Limited XS1 29 November 2018

* ASX codes are proposed only and are subject to change without notice. You may not rely on this information in any way.
# Listing dates are proposed dates for first quotation of securities set out in the entity's prospectus or information memorandum. You may not rely on this information in any way.
## Listing dates are anticipated dates for first quotation of securities set by ASX following completion of admission procedures. However, they are subject to change without notice and you may not rely on this information in any way.