Gold Futures

As number one in proven global gold reserves and number two in gold production1, Australia is a leading international hub for gold.

Launching in 2017, ASX’s new gold futures contract taps into this opportunity giving you a smart way to gain access and exposure to this essential source of precious metal, and helping meet the growing demands of the Asia-Pacific region.

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A partnership built on experience

Both ASX and The Perth Mint have a global reputation for dependability and transparency. Together, this makes for a strong partnership.



The first unallocated gold futures contract in Asia-Pacific

As the first unallocated gold futures contract in Asia-Pacific, ASX gold futures gives you the flexibility and visibility you need to leverage the potential of Australian gold in the international gold market.

  1. A secure depository - ASX gold futures contract delivers unallocated gold into The Perth Mint, one of the safest and most secure depositories in the world, based in a politically and economically stable country.
  2. Familiar but different - The familiarity of a 100oz contract size and the ability to trade in USD currency makes it easy to translate other global gold prices to a forward price in Perth.
  3. Flexibility following delivery - Following delivery of your ASX gold futures contracts, you can retain your unallocated gold balance at The Perth Mint or take advantage of a range of onward trading options offered by The Perth Mint to suit your needs. This includes loco swaps to other gold hubs, conversion to physical bars (or coins), or exchange for cash in a range of major currencies.
  4. New trading opportunities - Given Australia's significance in the international physical gold market, ASX’s gold futures contract price will complement other international gold hubs, creating new trading opportunities that take advantage of pricing differences.


Enjoy seamless, transparent delivery

With ASX and The Perth Mint at the centre of your transaction, you can be safe in the knowledge your unallocated gold will be delivered smoothly.

ASX Gold Futures
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Further information

To learn more about the opportunities available by trading ASX gold futures, please contact:

Waqar Chaudry
Product Manager
Energy and Commodities
T +61 2 9227 0071  
M +61 419 944 207

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 1 US Geological Survey Mineral Commodities Summaries: