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Greasy wool options (21 micron) contract specifications

ASX 24 takes no responsibility for any errors or omissions or losses consequential or otherwise arising from actions based upon this information. The information published here does not substitute for the ASX 24 Operating Rules and in the case of inconsistency, the ASX 24 Operating Rules prevail. 

Contract Unit One ASX 24 Greasy Wool Futures contract for a specified contract month on ASX 24.
Option Type Put and Call Options 
Contract Months February, April, June, August, October, December up to 10 calendar months ahead.
Commodity Code GW
Listing Date 19/02/1996
Minimum Price Movement Prices are quoted in cents per kilogram clean weight in mutiples of one tenth of a cent. 
Exercise Prices  Intervals of 25 cents per kilogram.
Contract Expiry The Friday preceding commencement of the delivery period for the corresponding futures expiry month (or the prior business day where the Friday is not a business day).
Trading Hours

Day Session only: 10.30 am - 4.00 pm*

Settlement Method

The "delivery period" commences on the Friday prior to the third Thursday of the delivery month, unless that Friday is not a business day, in which case the delivery period commences on the business day immediately preceding, and in any event ends at the close of trade on the final day of trading.

Last Modified 09/12/13

* Unless otherwise indicated, all times are AEST/AEDT.

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