Eastern Australia Feed Barley - Tender Advice Example

The following table provides an explanation for an example tender advice notice. The tender advice is issued to the buyer or seller of the Eastern Australia Feed Barley contract once delivery is completed.

Details Value Explanation
Number of contracts                       50                                                                  One contract = 20 tonnes (1,000 tonnes)                                                                        


= Gross Price * Tonnage


10% of value
Total Value


GST Inclusive
S&H Company GrainCorp Name of Accredited Bulk Handler
Location Murrayville Silo name
Shrinkage 0.5% As per S&H Agreement for applicable season**
Futures Price


As settled on ASX on day of tender
less Location Differential


GTA Location Differential*

(in this example, although Port Adelaide and Melbourne may be cheaper, Geelong is the cheapest applicable rate that meets the Contract Specification)

Up Country Price, Delivered


= ASX - GTA Location Differential

plus Receival Fee                


As per S&H Agreement for applicable season**
Up Country Price, Free In Store


= Up Country Delivered + Receival Fee
Gross Shrunk Price, Free In Store


= Up Country FIS / 0.995

* GTA Location Differentials updated annually, effective 1 October. This is an example differential only from 2011/2012 and may not be representative of the prevailing rate.

** S&H Companies review fees annually. This is an example shrink and receival fee only from season 2010/2011 and may differ from the prevailing rates.