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NSW Wheat (VW) is a New South Wales Track contract.

The following conditions must be met to deliver NSW Wheat:

  • The location must be in New South Wales.
  • The location must be up-country and not at a port site.
  • The location must have rail out loading capability, as described in the GTA Location Differentials.
  • The delivered grain must be current season.
  • The delivered grain must meet or exceed minimum Grain Trade Australia (GTA) Wheat Standard CSG 103 (APW1) 10.5% protein. For example: APW1, H1, H2 and APH2 are deliverable grades.
  • The GTA Location Differential applied is either Newcastle or Port Kembla, whichever is the least cost. For Southern New South Wales sites that may have a Victorian Port as NTP, the Port Kembla GTA Location Differential is applied.

Delivery against NSW Wheat (VW) is possible at the following Approved Bulk Handlers:


 Approved Bulk Handler
 AWB GrainFlow Pty Ltd
 Emerald Logistics Pty Ltd
 GrainCorp Operations Ltd


Applicable Delivery Information