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Roger Montgomery, The Montgomery Fund

A long term advocate of value investing, in this video fund manager Roger Montgomery reflects on the fundamental lessons he has learned about personal finance, temperament and investment strategy.

Recorded - Wed 27 November 2013.

Carl Capolingua, Australian Stock Report

Trading is not for everyone – it takes discipline and funds that you are prepared to put “at risk”. It also requires a trading plan. In this presentation Carl talks about trading plans and technical analysis and how the two can go together.

Recorded - Thu 31 October 2013.

Zoe Lamont, 10Thousandgirl Campaign

This passionate educator, Zoe Lamont, encourages women to take control of their finances, and outlines simple steps to get started.

Recorded - Wed 18 September 2013.

Michael Knox, RBS Morgans

A short sharp account of how Michael Knox sees the global markets. Find out if the US and Australian sharemarkets are trading at fair value and what the forecasts are into 2014.

Recorded - Tue 3 September 2013.

Matthew Olsen, van Eyk Research

Is there a distinction between good and bad dividends? Learn more in this detailed interview between Matthew Olsen of van Eyk Research and Tony Hunter of Investor Education, ASX.

Recorded - Wed 14 August 2013.

Ben Clark, TMS Capital

Two midcap stocks that have strong growth stories according to Ben Clark of TMS Capital, plus an interest rate security for you to consider.

Recorded - Tue 30 July 2013.

Sam Henderson, Henderson Maxwell

In The One Page Financial Plan, financial adviser Sam Henderson gives you a straightforward process for tailoring a financial plan that meets all your goals and needs.

Recorded - Thu 18 July 2013.

George Boubouras, Equity Trustees

George Boubouras assesses current market valuations, gives us a look at two of Equity Trustees' key portfolios and his view on some of the market's top stocks.

Recorded - Thu 20 June 2013.

Regina Meani, Your Technical Analyst

Gold, Copper, and our most popular stocks. Listen to this respected analyst’s view on what the charts are telling us.

Recorded - Mon 27 May 2013.

Andrew Page, Team Invest

Andrew Page explains the importance of economic moats and how you can identify companies that have them. He discusses popular stocks Woolworths, CSL, Coca Cola and REA.

Recorded - Tue 21 May 2013.

Kevin Lewis, Chief Compliance Officer, ASX

Continuous disclosure, trading halts and speeding tickets. It may seem like another language but it is all about making sure that listed companies release information to the market promptly.

Recorded - Tue 7 May 2013.

Julia Lee, Bell Direct

“Buy low, sell high”, sounds easy doesn’t it? Julia Lee explains how our emotions can hijack our investment decisions. Learn how to match the right strategy to the right stage of the market cycle.

Recorded - Thu 28 March 2013.

Stuart Roberts, Bell Potter

Demand for biotechs continues to grow and Australian commerce is catching up with our scientific expertise. Industry expert Stuart Roberts explains the biotech sector, provides two interesting case studies and gives some tips on what you should do when evaluating biotech companies.

Recorded - Thu 28 March 2013.

Alan Hull, educator

Popular and well regarded investment educator Alan Hull gives us some theory and practical advice. Alan talks to an audience about classic market cycles, the depression, the bear market of the seventies and the '87 crash. He argues that the pattern of these cycles is fairly predictable and that we can use this knowledge to assist in our investing strategy. Alan then has a look at the current markets giving us his view on the likely short-term trends.

Recorded - Tue 5 March 2013.

Steven Wright, RBS Morgans

Australians love their shares but investing in bonds has never been a big part of their portfolios. The new Exchange-traded Australian Government Bond market makes investing in bonds as easy as buying and selling shares. Director of fixed interest at RBS Morgans, Steven Wright explains how AGBs work and some of the things you need to look out for.

Recorded - Wed 20 February 2013.

Damian Moran, JBWere

Damian Moran explains the difference between strategic and tactical asset as well as JBWere's four models for client asset allocation strategies. He may surprise you on which were the best performing assets in recent times and concludes with JBWere's view on the outlook for asset classes for 2013 and their preferred tactical tilt.

Recorded - Tue 5 February 2013.

Roger Montgomery and Michael Glennon

What makes a successful value investor? Can value investors get it wrong? Tony Hunter of ASX explores these questions with fund managers and value investors Roger Montgomery of Montgomery Investment Management and Michael Glennon of Glennon Capital.

Recorded - Thu 3 January 2013.

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