The table below lists warrant series that have recently been admitted to trading status. These warrants are expected to commence trading on the date indicated.

ASX CodeWarrant TypeExercise PriceExpiry DateConversion RatioEuropean/ American
BBGKOD Barrier Equity Call 1.0031-Dec-20291.0000A
BBGKOE Barrier Equity Call 1.4031-Dec-20291.0000A
BHPKOB Barrier Equity Call 25.0731-Dec-20291.0000A
BHPKOC Barrier Equity Call 23.0631-Dec-20291.0000A
JBHKOD Barrier Equity Call 6.5231-Dec-20291.0000A
NCMKOH Barrier Equity Call 22.0631-Dec-20291.0000A
PRUKOB Barrier Equity Call 1.5031-Dec-20291.0000A
QBEKOE Barrier Equity Call 11.5331-Dec-20291.0000A
WBCKOF Barrier Equity Call 18.0531-Dec-20291.0000A
WBCKOG Barrier Equity Call 18.6531-Dec-20291.0000A
BHPKOV Barrier Equity Put 38.6131-Dec-20291.0000A
BHPKOW Barrier Equity Put 37.2131-Dec-20291.0000A
BXBKOR Barrier Equity Put 8.2031-Dec-20291.0000A
CBAKOW Barrier Equity Put 53.0131-Dec-20291.0000A
CSLKOR Barrier Equity Put 38.2131-Dec-20291.0000A
NABKOV Barrier Equity Put 26.4031-Dec-20291.0000A
NWSKOR Barrier Equity Put 23.0031-Dec-20291.0000A
WBCKOU Barrier Equity Put 22.2031-Dec-20291.0000A
ASX CodeWarrant TypeExercise PriceExpiry DateConversion RatioEuropean/ American
ANZWRA Equity Call 21.5029-Mar-20124.0000E
ANZWRB Equity Call 22.5029-Mar-20124.0000E
BHPWRA Equity Call 36.0029-Mar-20124.0000E
BHPWRB Equity Call 37.5029-Mar-20124.0000E
CBAWRA Equity Call 50.5029-Mar-20124.0000E
CBAWRB Equity Call 52.0029-Mar-20124.0000E
FMGWRA Equity Call 4.7529-Mar-20122.0000E
FMGWRB Equity Call 4.9029-Mar-20122.0000E
MQGWRA Equity Call 25.0029-Mar-20124.0000E
MQGWRB Equity Call 26.0029-Mar-20124.0000E
NABWRA Equity Call 24.5029-Mar-20124.0000E
NABWRB Equity Call 25.5029-Mar-20124.0000E
NCMWRA Equity Call 32.0029-Mar-20124.0000E
NCMWRB Equity Call 33.0029-Mar-20124.0000E
RIOWRA Equity Call 63.0029-Mar-20126.0000E
RIOWRB Equity Call 65.0029-Mar-20126.0000E
TLSWRA Equity Call 3.2529-Mar-20122.0000E
TLSWRB Equity Call 3.5029-Mar-20122.0000E
WBCWRA Equity Call 21.0029-Mar-20124.0000E
WBCWRB Equity Call 22.0029-Mar-20124.0000E
WESWRA Equity Call 32.0029-Mar-20124.0000E
WESWRB Equity Call 33.0029-Mar-20124.0000E
WPLWRA Equity Call 32.5029-Mar-20124.0000E
WPLWRB Equity Call 33.5029-Mar-20124.0000E
ANZWRP Equity Put 20.0029-Mar-20124.0000E
ANZWRQ Equity Put 19.0029-Mar-20124.0000E
BHPWRQ Equity Put 34.0029-Mar-20124.0000E
BHPWRR Equity Put 33.5029-Mar-20124.0000E
CBAWRP Equity Put 47.0029-Mar-20124.0000E
CBAWRQ Equity Put 45.0029-Mar-20124.0000E
FMGWRP Equity Put 4.2529-Mar-20122.0000E
FMGWRQ Equity Put 4.0029-Mar-20122.0000E
MQGWRP Equity Put 23.0029-Mar-20124.0000E
MQGWRQ Equity Put 22.0029-Mar-20124.0000E
NABWRP Equity Put 22.5029-Mar-20124.0000E
NABWRQ Equity Put 21.0029-Mar-20124.0000E
NCMWRP Equity Put 30.0029-Mar-20124.0000E
NCMWRQ Equity Put 28.0029-Mar-20124.0000E
RIOWRP Equity Put 60.0029-Mar-20126.0000E
RIOWRQ Equity Put 58.0029-Mar-20126.0000E
TLSWRP Equity Put 3.2029-Mar-20122.0000E
TLSWRQ Equity Put 3.0029-Mar-20122.0000E
WBCWRP Equity Put 19.5029-Mar-20124.0000E
WBCWRQ Equity Put 18.5029-Mar-20124.0000E
WESWRP Equity Put 30.0029-Mar-20124.0000E
WESWRQ Equity Put 29.0029-Mar-20124.0000E
WPLWRP Equity Put 30.0029-Mar-20124.0000E
WPLWRQ Equity Put 29.0029-Mar-20124.0000E
Last updated: 31-Dec-2011 04:46:15 AM

General information about warrant types and characteristics can be found in the ASX explanatory booklet Understanding Trading and Investment Warrants (PDF 879KB). You should read the disclosure document and seek specific advice from your adviser about particular features of  warrants or structured products.

ASX does not guarantee the performance of the warrant or structured product issuer nor does it vouch for the accuracy of the disclosure document. You must make your own assessment of the warrant issuer and the particular warrant series you are considering investing in.