Regulatory authorities in Australia

Confidence in the operation of the companies within ASX Group is reinforced by the whole-of-market regulation undertaken by ASIC across all trading venues and clearing and settlement facilities, as well as the financial system stability oversight by the RBA of ASX’s clearing and settlement facilities. ASIC also supervises ASX’s own compliance with the ASX Listing Rules as a listed company.

Additional responsibility for regulation of the Australian financial system lies with Treasury and APRA. Together with ASIC and the RBA, these four entities comprise the Council of Financial Regulators in Australia.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission

ASIC is responsible for the supervision of real-time trading on Australia’s domestic markets, including those operated by ASX Group, and for enforcing the laws against misconduct on Australia’s financial markets, as well as supervising Australian Financial Service Licence (“AFSL”) holders. More information about ASIC is available at

The Reserve Bank of Australia

The RBA has responsibility for assessing whether licensed clearing and settlement facilities, including those operated by ASX Group, have complied with the RBA’s Financial Stability Standards (“FSS”) and done all other things necessary to reduce systemic risk. More information about the RBA is available at:


The Department of the Treasury is an Australian Federal Government department which develops economic policy. Treasury works with the RBA, ASIC and APRA on the Council of Financial Regulators. More information about Treasury is available at:

The Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority

APRA is the prudential regulator of the Australian financial services industry and is a member of the Council of Financial Regulators. More information about APRA is available at:

Council of Financial Regulators

CFR is the coordinating body for Australia’s main financial regulatory agencies. Its members are the RBA (Chair), ASIC, APRA and Treasury.

CFR’s role is to contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of financial regulation, and promote the stability of the Australian financial system. CFR also provides advice to the Federal Government on the adequacy of Australia’s financial regulatory arrangements. Details about CFR are available at: