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Proposed Listing Rule Amendments

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12 October 2005
Update no 09/05

Important information for ASX Listed Entities

Proposed Listing Rule Amendments - Formal Lodgement

On 23 September 2005 ASX formally lodged with ASIC many of the listing rule amendments exposed in September 2004 including rules relating to:

- chairman's open proxy
- nomination of directors
- debt listings,
and a number of other amendments dealing with technical matters and redundant provisions.

The Formal Lodgement does not include the following listing rule amendments suggested in ASX's September 2004 Exposure Draft:

(a) listing rule 1.3.3(a);
(b) listing rule 3.10A;
(c) listing rule 10.18;
(d) listing rule 6.18 (Section 5 in the Exposure Draft);
(e) listing rules 7.8 and 14.11 (Section 11 in the Exposure Draft); and
(f) Section 12 which related to exchange traded funds.

As a result of responses received, among the rule amendments formally lodged, some have changed from the form of amendment presented in the Exposure Draft. The amended listing rules which vary from how they appeared in the Exposure Draft include:

(a) listing rule 1.8, condition 3;
(b) listing rule 10.14;
(c) listing rule 14.2.3;
(d) listing rule 14.3 which will no longer be deleted in its entirety; and
(e) Appendix 7A.

The listing rule amendments which have been formally lodged may only be brought into effect if the Minister does not disallow them within 28 days of the date of formal lodgement. Subject to non-disallowance, the anticipated effective date for the listing rule amendments is proposed to be 24 October 2005.

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