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30 October 2007
Update no 10/07

Important information for ASX Listed Entities

Upgrade to the Company Announcements Platform

ASX is upgrading the Company Announcements Platform, to provide a better service to our users.

ASX successfully implemented a new Company Announcements Platform on 9 July that provided significant enhancements, including the provision of full colour announcements in searchable text on our public website.

However, the new system did not attach a copy of the PDF to the confirmation email sent after an announcement was released to the market. We have received feedback from our users regarding the value of this feature and have enhanced the system to provide this functionality. 

Please note that only PDF documents with a file size less than 5MB will be attached to the confirmation emails. This is due to restrictions in recipients' email systems.

The enhancement will be implemented on Monday, 5 November 2007.

If you have any queries about this change, please contact the ASX Online Help Desk on (1800) 028 302 for more information.

To help keep our Listed Entities informed of information and events ASX will be sending emails to the Company Secretary's Office from time to time. You are receiving this email because you have been identified as a key contact within the Company Secretary's Office at your organisation. If you would like to update your email address please do so via the Directors/Senior Management page on ASX Online for Companies. Feel free to forward this email to any relevant parties within your organisation.